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Success Starts Here with LastPass Onboarding

“LastPass has helped us significantly improve password management. And better password security certainly contributes to our overall corporate security posture. LastPass Business just makes it so much easier to have— and maintain—secure practices.” Homer Bartlett Director of Internal Resources, MailChimp

LastPass Best Practices

The Early Life Customer Success Manager (CSM) is your LastPass onboarding specialist. They are dedicated to successful deployment of LastPass in your organization, so you can achieve your password security goals.

Your LastPass Onboarding Resource

During the first 90 days of your LastPass Business experience, your Early Life Customer Success Manager is your dedicated resource to help you implement LastPass. During your onboarding, your CSM will work with you to tailor your experience to fit your desired outcome. They also facilitate any needs to the greater LastPass team.

Sharing LastPass Best Practices

Dedicated admin trainings will be led by your CSM, to give your team confidence in configuring and implementing LastPass. By learning the elements that have led to success with LastPass at other companies, your CSM will help you achieve even better results in a shorter period of time. Implementing LastPass according to our best practices means your organization will be even safer and more productive.

Facilitating Feedback

Your CSM will help drive your success by being your main advocate. Should you ever need help with technical questions or feature requests, your CSM will coordinate with the development and customer care teams throughout the 90 days. Your CSM will also serve as the customer feedback loop to the management and product teams. With every interaction, your CSM will gather information and share it with the LastPass team to improve the product and ensure we are meeting your needs and expectations.

User Training & Communications

Your CSM will provide private, tailored trainings for your employees, as well as ensure that your administrators and helpdesk employees are comfortable and familiar with supporting the product in your environment.

Success Starts Here with LastPass Onboarding

LastPass onboarding features

Increased training capacity

Eliminated password disruptions

Improved data security

Set your team up for success

Scale Organization-wide:

When it comes to implementing a password manager across the business, a CSM works to provide a smooth onboarding experience.

Faster Results:

With a dedicated resource, you will have a shorter implementation cycle and see a swift return on your investment.

Improved Adoption:

Your CSM will provide you with the tools you need to ensure adoption within your organization.

Expert Training:

Your CSM will adapt our best practices to your enterprise environment and account- specific needs so you can overcome your business’ password challenges.

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