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LastPass for Education Allows for Improved Higher Education Cyber Security

Streamline password management and sharing for faculty, staff, and students while increasing IT oversight.


Over 1,200 further education institutions and universities rely on LastPass


Improve password security on and off campus

Higher education is one of the five most targeted industries by cybercriminals. Poor password hygiene and sharing is most often to blame, with 40% of hacks caused by stolen credentials (Verizon DBIR 2022).

Don’t let the sensitive data of your institution, faculty, staff and students be compromised. Protect every entry point of your institute with LastPass.

[LastPass] helped the people who use it to become more security conscious and also somewhat helped to improve the overall security posture of the University.
Harvard University
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Decrease IT burden while improving oversight

Ease IT’s role in user password management and security by providing a single, open solution.

Secure remote working & learning

Control cybersecurity policy implementation and customization as remote learning and work increases.

Flexible to your institute

Include access for faculty, staff, students and alumni with LastPass’s custom solution for higher education institutions.

Simple campus-wide deployment

Take advantage of integrations and policies that automate and streamline onboarding while simplifying the employee registration and setup process.


Give everyone a tool to improve their passwords.

Good password practices shouldn’t be a barrier to working or studying. LastPass makes it easy to improve staff and student password practices.

LastPass remembers every credential

Every time students or staff input a password, they can save it to their personal vault for whenever they need to log in again.

Share effortlessly

Convenient, secure password sharing makes it easy for students and staff to collaborate.

Generate unique passwords

Never use the same password twice with the integrated Password Generator.


The same great solution, vetted by our partners at Internet2

Protect campus credentials with this affordable higher education turnkey package from LastPass and Internet2.

Unlimited LastPass services

A perk for students: grant students a personal LastPass Premium account with a secure, private vault that’s accessible from any device and browser.

Proven security model  

Trusted by Internet2, the LastPass security model is built on zero-knowledge encryption, which keeps your data safe (even from us).

Onboard and rollout with ease

Give IT the tools to deploy LastPass across campus while easily onboarding new faculty, staff, and students each semester.

Over 1,200 further education institutions and universities rely on LastPass



Password Hygiene in Higher Education Institutions

Explore risks, solutions, and strategies for Higher Education.

Success Story

Deakin University

One of Australia’s leading tertiary education providers, joins LastPass to safeguard its users’ sensitive data, records and passwords.


Take your Institution to the Next Level

Explore five reasons why you should use LastPass to secure your higher education institution.

Improve campus password security and compliance

Meet campus-wide security goals while reducing the burden on you IT team with the support of LastPass.

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Unlocking the Power of Cybersecurity Culture

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