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Legal Center


Service Terms

  • Terms of Service. These apply to the purchase of our service offerings by all customers through any of our contracting entities.
  • Contracting Entity Table. Lists the applicable contracting entity for your purchase, contact information, and governing law.
  • Data Processing Addendum (DPA). Provides the privacy and data protection terms and conditions which govern our processing of Personal Data on customers’ behalf as a service provider and data processor.
  • Privacy Policy. Explains what personal data we collect from visitors to the LastPass websites and/or properties and how we can use that data.
  • Branding Guidelines. Provides guidance on the correct use of our trademarks and branding.

Privacy & Security

We have implemented and maintain a global data privacy and security program designed to protect users' personal and confidential information worldwide.

You can visit our Trust & Privacy Center for more information. Some of the helpful resources available include:

  • Third-party certifications, reports, and voluntary framework participation
  • Data processing locations and Sub-processor Disclosures
  • Technical and Organizational Measures (TOMs) documentation
  • Product Resources to review any service- or suite-specific documentation, certifications, and disclosures.

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Your single source for the latest security, privacy, compliance, and system performance information.

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Terms of Service

Explore LastPass’ terms of service, privacy policies, and other legal policies and documents.

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