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LastPass: The Key to Secure Your Business

When every login is a doorway into your organization, you need to secure those access points. LastPass password management is your all-in-one solution.

85% of costly data breaches are caused by human behavior, like password reuse

While IT departments combat threats and improve security measures to ensure compliance, businesses must control and lock up these logins without impacting productivity. Improve your password management and secure your business with LastPass.

With LastPass Business, you get:

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LastPass for enterprises

Enterprise-grade password management that scales with your ever-growing organization and integrates with the tools you already use.

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Explore LastPass business solutions and find which fits your organization’s security and user management needs best.


Psychology of Passwords 2022

Our research of 3,750 professionals' password security behaviors found a clear disconnect between confidence in password management habits and their conduct. What else did we find?

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