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LastPass Business for Enterprises

Enterprise Security That Scales with You

Data breaches are expensive. 85% of breaches involve a human element – like password reuse. Password management is your best defense.


of workers put their employers at risk by using weak or reused passwords


of businesses struggle to balance and enforce security measures


of enterprises risk data breaches by not internally managing passwords*

Join the other 100,000 businesses who use LastPass to avoid costly, risky behaviors

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Simple and convenient for employees

The best solution to poor password behavior

  • Create, store, and share passwords from employees’personal vaults.
  • Connect users, partners, and vendors with secure sharing.
  • Access work apps, from anywhere, on desktop and mobile.
  • Go passwordless with the LastPass Authenticator app to give users instant, seamless access to their vaults.
Fast, straightforward rollout

Use the technology you rely on

Proactive and Comprehensive security

Enterprise security for every password

Meet security goals with ease

Support wherever you go

  • Scale LastPass as you grow, while saving up to 25% off, with a site license.
  • Give employees a free LastPass Families account to simplify the management of work and personal credentials.
  • Get the most out of LastPass with help from your Customer Success Manager.

Save up to 25% with a site license

Cut costs and get a flat-fee price when you secure your entire organization with LastPass.

The gold standard in password management


Best Software Awards for Best Security Product



Best for Ease of Use Password Manager



Password Management Solution of the Year

CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards program


Best Identity & Access Management Solution



Best-Of Business Password Management

Expert Insights


“LastPass allows Yelp to protect the credentials of all applications or tools, regardless if they are under IT management or not. The LastPass administrative features provide Yelp visibility and control over the password hygiene of our business, while being easy to use and reliable.”


Bryan Shields

Engineering Manager, Yelp

“LastPass is a Great Enterprise Password Manager. LastPass is easy to integrate with corporate directory services and most users are familiar with the service from using it at home. We are able to have very granular control over shared vaults based on AD group memberships.”


Tim Payne

IT Security Architect

“It's critical to be able to view recently used passwords as well as 2FA. Passwords will be created and shared at the enterprise level, users control which passwords they have access to. One of the most significant advantages of LastPass is its compatibility with mobile devices, which allows us to access our passwords with just a few clicks.”


Hailey Barba

Lab Assistant, Michigan State University
Customer stories
Customer SnapShot

Mary Kay

Thanks to its ease of use and enthusiastic employee adoption, LastPass has become a staple of Mary Kay’s cybersecurity strategy.

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Yelp increased their password security using LastPass and received positive feedback and strong adoption from their employees.

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Duke University

Duke gives LastPass to all students, faculty, and staff as part of university-wide security awareness training.

Deploy LastPass Business for Enterprises across your entire organization

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