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LastPass Set Up Guide

5 Steps to a Successful Trial of LastPass Business.

Ready to evaluate LastPass Business?

A trial is a valuable opportunity to learn more about the service. You can try key features, see how the service can be customized to your organization’s unique needs, and even gather feedback from employees. By the end of your trial, you should have a clear idea of the security and efficiency benefits LastPass Business will bring to your organization.

Before you get started, be sure to clarify who will be testing the service, and what will be expected of them during the testing period. We recommend recruiting employees outside of IT, to get well-rounded feedback of the end user experience.

5 Steps to unleash the potential of LastPass Business:

1. Try password management features

When it comes to form-based logins, be sure to test storing, filling, generating, updating, and managing credentials. Explore password sharing capabilities, including sharing single items or folders of items with others. Test on any devices that will be used throughout the organization, including desktop, iOS, and Android.

Pro tip: Test value add features like the Security Challenge, linking a personal LastPass account, and notes.

2. Configure policies

Familiarize yourself with available policies that apply to password management, single sign-on, and multifactor authentication. Configure policies that control how, where, and when apps function, or MFA is required. Apply them to the entire organization or specific groups, users or apps.

Pro tip: Once you enable a few policies, put them to the test to see what users will experience, and what reporting you’ll see from the admin dashboard.

3. Explore integrations

Look at available integrations with directories and other technologies that can help speed up deployment and simplify day-to-day management.

Pro tip: A test environment is an ideal way to test directory sync during your trial.

4. Set up Single Sign-on

Select 3 apps to test. Follow the configuration steps to enable SSO for them in LastPass. Turn on MFA for the apps as well by selecting “Step-Up Authentication” during configuration under Advanced Settings. Practice launching the apps from the My Cloud Apps dashboard.

Pro tip: Test across different devices and common use cases for your business.

5. Explore Multi- Factor Authentication

LastPass Multi-Factor Authentication secures everything from cloud and legacy apps to VPN and workstations. Add LastPass MFA on your workstation and VPN to see how it can add layers of security to your infrastructure.

Pro tip: Test our passwordless capability to skip inputting a password when accessing your cloud apps, LastPass vault, or workstation.

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