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Enhancing Security with Biometric Authentication

Multifactor authentication combines biometric technology and contextual factors. Add LastPass now for increased security across your organization.


What is Biometric Authentication?

Biometric authentication is an advanced security tool. It requires users to provide unique biological characteristics before granting access. This ensures only the right users can access accounts and sensitive data.

Features used to verify a user's identity include physical and biological characteristics unique to that person, such as:

  • Facial recognition
  • Retina recognition
  • Fingerprint recognition

A user is granted access if the biometric recognition identifies them. Otherwise, it will deny access and alert admins.

Certain types of biometric authentication now come pre-installed in some consumer devices, such as computers and smartphones, while some biometric technologies are already implemented government and corporate environments. That's to say: your employees may already have experience using biometric authentication technologies.

Addressing Issues and Challenges

Biometric sensors are not foolproof

Biometric sensors are more secure than other security tools, but they aren't perfect. Current consumer technology like iPhone fingerprint scanners only demands a partial match. This leaves the door open for hackers to devise a way to use fake fingerprints for touch ID systems. Hackers can even fool iris scanners and facial recognition systems with 3D prints or photos placed on smart cards.

Biometric technologies are complex

Some biometric technologies are still complicated to install and use. Companies using this technology are responsible for teaching end-users how to use it. This can impact workflow and impact the login experience.

Other concerns

Biometric technology has caused other concerns on the part of businesses and end-users. Issues center around topics like:

  • Number of continual updates necessary to ensure accuracy
  • Ongoing cost concerns
  • Ethical issues concerning the usage and storage of biometric data

Benefits of Biometric Authentication



Biometric authentication only grants access to verified, making data breaches nearly impossible.



Collect a wide range of biometric info, from face recognition to a user's fingerprints, to employ flexible security.



Consumers already have some experience using biometric security features, which should make onboarding at work simple.


Cost saving

Biometric identification tech has become more affordable in recent years, making it easy for any business to budget for.

LastPass Combines Use of Biometrics With Contextual Features

With LastPass, you can integrate biometric authentication methods to fortify your business while streamlining the login experience. Benefits of biometric and contextual authentication features include:

  • Provide users with an enhanced login experience while giving admins transparent, simple control.
  • MFA ensures your data remains secure, stopping hackers by requiring biometric factors after standard logins.
  • Improve upon two-factor authentication by requiring biometric multifactor authentication.
  • Protect every endpoint of your business by requiring user's to verify their identity before granting access.

Protect your business by using your user’s unique data. Utilize biometric and contextual information to simplify logins while ensuring only the right users are given access.

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Strengthen your Security

Stay in control of employee access and authentication, whether it's from home or the office, with a tool that helps your IT team do more.