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LastPass and Google Workspace

Integrate your Google Directory with LastPass to enhance business security while simplifying access for employees.


Access LastPass without having to remember another password


Secure yet simple access

Employee password practices are the weakest point in a company’s security, with 85% of breaches involving a human element, like reused or weak passwords. Configure LastPass Business with Google to automate and scale password management – without adding another password for employees to remember and manage.


Use Google Workspace to log in to LastPass

We have added Google Workspace (previously G Suite) as an identity provider (IDP) for our directory integration and federated login services. Our cloud-based federated login enhances security while improving employee convenience, allowing users to access their LastPass vault with just their Google Workspace login.

Save time and resources with federated login


Simplify user access

Alleviate login frustrations by connecting employees to their work while leveraging technologies you already use.


Eliminate the master  password

Simplify access and boost activity by requiring employees to only remember their user directory login.


Automate identity management

Onboard and offboard automatically to save time and resources while scaling password management across your business.


Increase adoption

Provide employees an immediate, simple way to access the credentials by eliminating the enrollment process.

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Integrate Google and federate for seamless logins

To establish federated logins, you need to first initiate a directory integration between LastPass and Google. Your IDP will now be used as a source of truth to verify a user’s identity prior to granting access to LastPass, simply increasing endpoint security.

Once instituted, you can set up a federated login with LastPass. This produces a seamless login experience, providing user’s access to their LastPass vault using just their Google credentials – eliminating the need for more passwords.

Unsure how to integrate Google Workspace to LastPass? LastPass support can provide you with step-by-step instructions to establish federated login.

Integrate your source of truth and simplify access to LastPass with your Google cloud identity.


Never share your data with us

Our zero-knowledge infrastructure ensures neither LastPass nor your IDP possesses enough information to access a user’s vault. Instead, we generate special credentials for a federated login and divide it into multiple keys, all of which are stored separately and only combine once a user has input their IDP password and verified their identity.


Zero-knowledge infrastructure

Your password vault and data are encrypted and decrypted at the device level. So, your IDP password will never be shared with our servers.


A uniquely protected login

Even if one login key is breached, the others are protected elsewhere. Without all keys, the user’s vault is never accessible, making data breaches virtually impossible.


Strongest encryption standard

AES-256 encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to ensure complete account security in the cloud.

Explore integrate of your Google Directory with LastPass

Simplify access to LastPass with Google Workspace and federated login