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Digital Will

Leave a copy of your digital life – passwords, online accounts, digital assets – behind for your relatives.


Digital lives need a digital will

What happens to our passwords when we die? It's a morbid thought, but it's one that needs to be considered.

Traditional estate planning may overlook a person's digital estate when writing up their last will and testament. You don't have to rely on a probate court to gain access to a deceased family member's digital property. Instead, you should prepare a digital asset which contains final wishes, estate plan, passwords, secure notes, and more.

With LastPass, it's easy to create and store a digital will for your loved ones. With a digital will, you can guarantee that those you trust have access to essential digital assets, including:

  • pins and passwords for computers, smartphones, and tablets
  • voicemail pin
  • pins and credentials for bank accounts
  • passwords for social media accounts
  • notes of recurring subscriptions – as well as the payment cards they're charged to
  • credentials to bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallets
  • legal documents
  • estate planning

It's easy to create and share a digital will

Creating a digital will is a simple process. By making a digital will, you want to guarantee that all your digital accounts are accounted for – while being readily accessible to family members or loved ones. You can create your digital will by:

  1. Creating a secure folder in your LastPass Vault, entitled, "Digital Will".
  2. Saving and sharing all relevant digital assets to said folder, including passwords to digital accounts, important PIN numbers, secure notes.

Whether you want to create a digital will for yourself or your parents or your grandparents, you can set up and request access to digital assets through the following steps:

  1. Log in to the LastPass Vault and navigate to Emergency Access.
  2. Invite family members – emergency access contacts – by entering their email.
  3. Ask your loved ones to accept the invitations you sent them.
  4. Upon passing, invited family members can access the deceased persons vault by selecting Emergency Access from their LastPass vault and confirming they want to 'Request Access.'
  5. After a pre-set wait time, loved ones can access the deceased person's digital will – estate plans, digital assets, legal documents, and more.

Share your digital estate before you can't

Nothing can prepare us for the unexpected loss of a loved one. As we spend more of our lives online, we create more digital assets – online bank accounts, social media, email accounts, and more. But the loss of a loved one shouldn't mean the loss of their digital property.

A digital will ensures family members have access to your vital documents and information. From estate plans to legal documents to passwords for online accounts, your loved ones should have access to the digital legacy you leave behind.

By creating a digital will and sharing it via LastPass Emergency Access, you can ensure that your friends and family are prepared for what happens after life.


Leave a copy of your digital will behind

By creating a digital will, you can ensure your closest loved ones and family members will always have access to your online accounts.