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How to Use LastPass for Business

Access, Simplified

LastPass Business features

LastPass Business is a best-in-class password management solution that reduces employee password friction without compromising security.


LastPass Business features for users

The convenience users expect.

Store everything in one place

One easy place to access everything, from apps to web logins.

Remember one password

Rather than sign up with a separate master password, employees can log in to LastPass with ADFS, Azure AD, Google Workspace, or Okta credentials.

Let LastPass connect you

Capture and fill credentials or SSO to cloud, mobile, and on-prem apps—LastPass connects to everything.

Organize work and personal

Log in throughout the day, and sort passwords to the right place automatically.

Generate strong passwords

Let LastPass create long passwords for employees, so every web service is protected by a unique password.

Share passwords conveniently

Eliminate shared spreadsheets with easy—and secure—password sharing that keeps everyone up to date.

Give universal access

LastPass works everywhere employees do, with real-time sync for all desktops, laptops, mobile and web.


LastPass offers advanced single sign on and advanced multifactor authentication

LastPass Business features for organizations

The simplified control businesses need.

Centralize admin control

Centralize deployment and management of LastPass from a secure admin portal for password management.

Automate with user directories

Automate user onboarding and removal by syncing with Microsoft AD, Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, Google Workspace or a custom API.

Configure custom policies

Get flexible, granular control with 100+ policies at the device, user, group, and organizational level.

Gain in-depth reporting

Build compliance and maintain accountability with detailed reporting logs that give actionable insights.

Self-service success

A successful implementation depends on a simple deployment and helpful, self-guided resources.

All-in-one solution

Options to advance your business’ security, seamlessly, by adding Single Sign-On or Multi-Factor Authentication to your Password Manager.

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LastPass for Business

Improve security, reduce the risk of data breaches, maintain convenience.

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