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Your Privacy Choices

LastPass allows you to actively manage your data and exercise your individual privacy rights. This page is designed to provide you with important information and resources regarding LastPass’ data privacy practices and outline specific actions you can take to exercise your rights regarding your personal data. To better understand the specific rights applicable to you, please see our Privacy Policy.

The most effective and efficient way to exercise your privacy rights is through the use of our Individual Rights Management Portal (IRM portal). You may select the action you wish to take and submit a request to our IRM portal. Depending on the nature of your request, we may require additional verification of your identity.

Sharing and Selling Data

LastPass does not sell your personal information as that term is traditionally understood. However, under some evolving US state privacy laws, certain activities, including our use of third-party cookies, may be considered a “sale” of your data. As described in our Privacy Policy, we may also share your personal data with third parties for the purposes of cross-contextual advertising. If you would like to opt out of the sale or sharing of your data, please submit a request to opt-out using our IRM Portal.

Deletion Requests

In order to best protect the sensitive contents in your vault from inadvertent deletion, initiate the deletion of your LastPass account and vault data by following the account deletion steps. If you are not a current LastPass user or if you wish to delete other information LastPass may maintain outside of your LastPass vault (for instance your billing address or your name), you may do so using our IRM portal.

Access Requests

Due to our zero-knowledge security model, we do not maintain a decrypted copy of end user LastPass vaults for security purposes. Therefore, the only means to export the contents of your vault in an unencrypted form is to successfully log into your account from your own device and follow the steps located in Support Center. If you wish to exercise your access rights for other information LastPass may maintain outside of your LastPass vault, please do so using our IRM portal.


For more information about Cookies and related technologies used by LastPass to provide our services and operate our website(s) and to exercise your choices with respect to those Cookies, please see our Cookie Notice. If you wish to opt-out of having the information these technologies collect used for the purpose of serving you targeted ads, you may opt-out here.

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