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Accessing cloud applications just got easier

Accessing cloud applications just got easier


Employee password friction is real

Single Sign-On helps employees access their work while simplifying password management.

One of IT’s most notable burdens is ensuring employees and teams have access to apps, as needed. We understand that customizable provisioning should be simple and secure.

LastPass Single Sign-on (SSO) reduces employee password and access friction while streamlining onboarding and offboarding for IT. Moreover, SSO protects every entry point by providing Admins with transparent oversight and the ability to provision user’s and group’s app access.

You don’t need to jump through hoops to approve access.

Providing and revoking employee access can be complex for Admins, while trying to gain access to essential apps can be frustrating and time consuming for employees.

LastPass’s Single Sign-on closes security gaps in a simple, user-friendly way. Automate onboarding and offboarding to business applications while simplifying employee access to applications required for work.

Streamlining access to essential applications

Securing business access points is easy with Single Sign-on (SSO). Conveniently and safely connect employees to their work by allowing Admins to integrate single sign-on for top-priority apps.


Secure every access point

Our extensive SSO app catalog makes securing business access points simple.


Combine SSO and password management

Simplify employee access with a user-friendly solution that saves time.


Flexible, granular control

Implement policies at the device, user, group, and organizational level.


Revoke access with ease

Immediately revoke access to apps when an employee leaves the organization.


Transparent oversight

Identify gaps in user access security by generating reports with actionable insights.


Automate for IT

Integrate with an identity provider to automate provisioning and policy controls.

See why Single Sign-On (SSO) is the user- and admin-friendly access solution.

*Monthly pricing is billed annually.