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Directory integration

Okta Universal Directory Integration

Integrate your Okta directory with LastPass Business for automated user provisioning, federated login, and enhanced security.

Deploying the LastPass Business password manager is your first step towards enhanced security, empowering employees to simply generate, share, and secure passwords while giving admins valuable controls and insight. But you can go even further by configuring LastPass with the Okta Universal Directory.

You can seamlessly use Okta as an identity provider, integrations for streamlined SCIM provisioning, and federated login.

  • Save time and resources by enabling real-time provisioning and deprovisioning of LastPass accounts.
  • Automate syncing of user groups for assigning users to policies and shared folders.
  • Safeguard every entry point to your business, including apps and sites already covered by Okta SSO, those that aren’t, and those that your IT team isn’t even aware of.
  • Establish federation with Okta to boost productivity and simplify user access by allowing employees to use their Okta credentials to connect to the apps and tools they already use.
  • Never share your sensitive data with anyone but authenticated users thanks to LastPass zero-knowledge security model and industry-best vault encryption.

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How to set up SCIM provisioning for LastPass using Okta

How do I set up federated login using Okta?

LastPass supports integration with all major identity providers


Microsoft™ Active Directory

A configurable, lightweight client that syncs user profiles from your on-premise AD.


Microsoft™ Azure AD

Through a SCIM API, our Azure AD endpoint syncs user profiles from your consolidated cloud directory.


Google Workspace

Automate and scale password management, while saving time for IT, with Google Directory Integration.



Automatically provision and deprovision from your single sign-on provider through a SCIM API.



Manage and provision both users and groups by establishing integration with PingOne or Ping Federate.



Manage onboarding, offboarding, and group assignments by utilizing a SCIM API for your OneLogin directory.


Custom API

Larger enterprises with complex onboarding needs can take advantage of our flexible, powerful API.

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Expert Insights


“I love LastPass because it’s so simple to use, For me that’s huge because if I know how to use a product, I can teach it. My favorite policy LastPass provides is the restrict username domain, that policy is super helpful because we have a lot of branches and people tend to transition in between them and LastPass makes any necessary email changes, so seamless.”


Emily Stieglitz

IT Systems Security Specialist, HOLT CAT

“Security is our number one focus at HSO, which is why we chose LastPass. It’s an intuitive and powerful tool that makes password management easy! What we appreciate about LastPass is the consistency in the user-experience it delivers, both the administrative and end-user experience is great and fit for purpose.”


Remon Zeller

Chief Information and Security Officer, HSO

“It's critical to be able to view recently used passwords as well as 2FA. Passwords will be created and shared at the enterprise level, users control which passwords they have access to. One of the most significant advantages of LastPass is its compatibility with mobile devices, which allows us to access our passwords with just a few clicks.”


Hailey Barba

Lab Assistant, Michigan State University

Simplify access to LastPass with Okta Universal Directory

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