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The Small Business Password Manager

LastPass Business is a comprehensive password management solution scalable to your SMB needs.


The simple, secure password manager

43% of cybersecurity attacks target SMBs

With 30% of data breaches occurring at employee workstations, it's imperative that SMBs find a security tool that fits their needs.

LastPass Business is the best password manager solution for small businesses. We make it easy to affordably and securely:

  • Give every employee their own personal, encrypted password vault
  • Save & autofill every password to leave employee password fatigue in the past
  • Create secure and unique passwords with the integrated LastPass Password Generator
  • Complete every login and access your LastPass vault with a single master password
  • Provide simple and secure employee password sharing

User-friendly, transparent security

Protect your business from cybersecurity threats without compromising ease of use or IT transparency. LastPass Business monitors your security while guaranteeing sensitive data is for your eyes only.


Immediately react to data breaches

Monitor accounts and remain alert of data breaches with dark web monitoring.


Assess password security at all times

Monitor password hygiene through your personalized security dashboard.


Ensure only you can access your data

Safeguard personal data with our zero-knowledge security model and AES-256 encryption.

Intuitive admin control

LastPass offers businesses the flexibility to customize security and access policies to their own needs. Whether you want to establish a directory integration with Google Workspace to simplify deployment or manage group access policies for work-related apps and business endpoints, LastPass Business makes it easy.

A unified, simple admin console
Create groups, provision and deprovision users, manage security policies, and more from one place.

Customizable security policies
Streamline deployment with 100+ customizable access and authentication policies.

Evaluate security practices
Generate reports on security, access requests, and more with advanced reporting.

24/7 support

Deploying your LastPass password manager for the first time? Wondering how users can access LastPass by operating system/browser – Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome – or by mobile (iOS, Android)? LastPass is always here to help.


Onboard LastPass with ease

Deploy LastPass Business throughout your enterprise with help from your Customer Success Manager.


Never be without guidance

Access our vast library of self-help resources and the specialist monitored LastPass Community. .


Protection for work and home

Let employees take their improved password habits home and share them with their family and friends.

Businesses can extend premium password management to employees and up to five family members through LastPass Families for employees. It’s an excellent benefit for end-users and further improves the security of your business’ data.

  • Grant 5 additional LastPass licenses to family and friends
  • Store and protect their passwords across all devices
  • Create unlimited shared folders for easy family sharing
  • Improve and enforce password hygiene by using the security dashboard
Learn more about LastPass Families for employees

All-in-one authentication and access solution

LastPass Business goes beyond helping your small business practice good password hygiene. The Advanced Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-on (SSO) add-ons increase the ease of employee access and Admin control.

Biometric authentication adds an extra layer of security while users access password vaults, VPNs, single sign-on apps, workstations, legacy apps, and identity providers.

By upgrading from two-factor authentication (2FA) to multifactor authentication, you can improve security without impacting employee productivity.

Learn more about MFA

Reduce passwords while increasing ease of employee access with Single Sign-on (SSO). With over 1,200 apps already pre-integrated, you can readily

  • Approve or revoke access to key applications,
  • Automate onboarding and offboarding to cloud apps,
  • Allow IT visibility into gaps in access security.

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