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Gain a Higher Security Level with LastPass for Education

Take your Institution to a Higher Security Level with LastPass.

Features of LastPass for Education


Greater productivity


Improved security


Secure password sharing

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A trial is a valuable opportunity to learn more about the service. You can try key features, see how the service can be customized to your organization’s unique needs, and even gather feedback from employees. By the end of your trial, you should have a clear idea of the security and efficiency benefits LastPass Business will bring to your organization.

Protect every access point campus wide

Effortless, secure password management and sharing for faculty, staff, and students. Here's why you should deploy LastPass at your institution.

Greater IT visibility, decreased IT burden

Simply and securely manage and share passwords, identify risks and enforce better user habits, achieving greater visibility while reducing the burden on your IT team.

Granular control is total control

We know it's not one size fits all. Your IT team can leverage 100+ custom policies, and integrate with Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure AD, OneLogin and Okta.

Greater productivity through secure collaboration

Improve department collaboration with secure password sharing to better manage changing passwords and access each semester.

Affordable solutions to meet your budget

Each year budgets get tighter and resources slimmer. LastPass has affordable pricing specifically for higher education institutions.

Trusted by your peers in academia

With over 1,200 higher education clients and counting, you can trust LastPass to help you tackle cyber security challenges commonly faced in Academia.

Over 1,200 further education institutions and universities rely on LastPass


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