Dark Web Monitoring

Stop worrying about data breaches. LastPass monitors your accounts and sends an alert if your information is compromised.

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What is Dark Web Monitoring?

LastPass monitors your email addresses continuously within a database of breached credentials and immediately alerts you via email if they have been compromised. Put your mind at ease knowing LastPass is protecting you - even if you aren't logged in.


1. Monitor

Turn on monitoring for the email addresses you want us to keep an eye on.


2. Alert

Get an email from LastPass any time a monitored address is detected in the database of breached credentials.


3. Protect

Take action to protect any account compromised in a breach. Change your password to ensure peace of mind.

Is my information on the dark web?

The dark web (or deep web) is unseen part of the Internet that is not findable by search engines and allows users to remain anonymous. Much, but not all of the dark web is used for criminal activity.

If you store any personal information online, it’s possible it has made its way to the dark web. Hackers and identity thieves launch cyber-attacks and phishing scams to try to access your sensitive information. You’ve probably heard about breaches of big companies on the news. When these breaches occur, the hackers gain access to your information and try to resell it on the dark web.

Think about the websites or companies that store your personal information like:

  • Banks
  • Social media
  • Shopping websites
  • Medical accounts
  • Blogs
  • Forums, chat rooms, and webinars
  • Peer to peer networks
  • Email accounts

If these accounts were breached, hackers could have access to your valuable data and potentially steal your identity.


Dark Web FAQs

Commonly asked questions about the dark web.

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Dark Web Scans

An explanation of the dark web and how scanning works

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Dark Web Infographic

Download our infographic on what the dark web is and what’s at risk.

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What types of personal information is at risk on the dark web?

Any information you store online could potentially be stolen. LastPass dark web monitoring checks your email addresses against a database of breached credentials to see if they have been involved in any breaches. If the dark web scan shows that an account has been compromised, you are sent an alert that tells you what account needs attention. You are then able to change your password for that account and hopefully prevent any data theft. The information that hackers find valuable are items like:

  • Credit card numbers
  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Social security numbers
  • Bank account numbers

View our full infographic to see how much your data is worth on the dark web.

Your command center for digital security

View your weak, reused and at-risk passwords all in one place.


Security Dashboard

Dark web monitoring is part of our LastPass Security Dashboard, which gives an overview of the health and security of your stored accounts.


Update weak and reused passwords

The "password reuse attack" is a common tactic to gain access to your credentials.


Assess and improve your overall security score

The length and complexity of a password, and its uniqueness, earn a higher security score.


Monitor your accounts for data breaches

Get an immediate notification if your data has been compromised online.

Extend this protection to your business

Your employees’ online behaviors affect the safety of your business - that's why all LastPass business users have access to the Security Dashboard and the ability to use dark web monitoring. It provides them an overview of the security of their accounts all in one place and encourages them to take control of their online security.

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