Cybersecurity for media companies – identity and access management solutions

Media companies need a way to securely deliver identity and access management.

Media companies deal with mass communication: digital, social, print, television, working with an array of external consultants to execute their programs. This makes them vulnerable to security breaches, catering toa wide array of users, both internally and externally, accessing business resources, complicating identity and access management (IAM).

Cybersecurity for media companies: Here’s what they had to say:

Quite a lot of improvements are needed in the security behavior of my employees

  • 52% IT
  • 40% Overall Average

Our take: Cybersecurity for media companies is in need of improvements, likely because they work with many consultants and experience insecure sharing practices on a daily basis. Not to mention, 51% of media firms experienced 3 or more cyberattacks in 1 year.1

Managing user access is important to my organization

  • 34% IT
  • 9% Overall Average

Our take: Identity and access management is extremely important for media. Without it, external consultants would not be able to access their work and therefore lose productivity.

Integrating security infrastructure is my biggest area for improving

  • 48% IT
  • 57% Overall Average

Our take: IT is also less focused on integrations, which further suggests that IT’s IAM upgrade has already occurred. This is also seen in our 2019 Global Password Security Report, which found that IT is leading the pack with both MFA adoption and security posture.1

Implementing a better approach to IAM could improve employee efficiency

  • 60% IT
  • 53% Overall Average

Our take: Which is why the productivity angle of IAM is seen higher in media. If media is regularly working with consultants, a delay in delegating access does not only decrease productivity - it stops productivity.

Achieving greater visibility over my end users is a priority

  • 44% IT
  • 41% Overall Average

Our take: Media also prioritizes greater visibility over their end users, which must be challenging given all the different consultants and solutions in place managing their diverse workforce and increases the need for cybersecurity for media companies.

Demand for an easy-to-use solution is a challenge

  • 44% IT
  • 37% Overall Average

Our take: Media’s end users are demanding an easier to use solution as well - likely a solution that facilitates secure sharing, such as sharing social media credentials, and ways for remote teams to securely collaborate while protecting identity and access management.

Automating the identity and access management processes is an area for improvement

  • 49% IT
  • 40% Overall Average

Our take: Automation of IAM is seen as an area of improvement for media. When working with consultants, fast onboarding and offboarding is critical – a delay in onboarding stops productivity and a delay of offboarding opens the risk of exposure and breaches in cybersecurity for media companies.

Lack of budget is a challenge for identity and access management

  • 37% IT
  • 24% Overall Average

Our take: However, media is struggling to fund all the initiatives required to address their IAM challenges and 40% are not insured or not covered for cyber incidents under their existing insurance1, which can explain why media is facing IAM challenges.


  1. Media and Entertainment Industry Unprepared for Cyber Risks
LastPass Recommendations for IT:

Consider single sign-on and password management

To address access challenges, evaluate solutions that include both single sign-on and password management as they are easier for employees to adopt and better on budget.

Increase efficiency through automation

Media should work to automate IAM processes, so employees gain access to get their work done quickly.

Gain a unified view of end user behavior

Unified visibility into end user behavior will offer insight into credential sharing and will also help facilitate secure behavior amongst employees.

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