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Your seamless federated login experience

Simplify access to LastPass with leading identity providers (IDP).


LastPass integrates with all major identity providers

Our cloud-based federated login provides employees with a stress-free login experience. With federated login, employees can access their LastPass vault using just their directory credentials.

Get the most out of your identity provider by integrating it with LastPass, whether you use:


Additional security simplified

Make accessing LastPass easy. Connect LastPass with your identity provider for more secure and integrated access, every time.

Simplify user access

Connect employees to their work while leveraging the main technology provider your business already uses.

Leave other passwords behind

Boost productivity and reduce stress by letting employees log in to LastPass with a password they already know – their user directory login.

Automate identity management for IT

Onboard and offboard employees automatically so you can save time and resources while scaling password management across your organization.

Improve adoption rates

Eliminating the need for the LastPass master password makes getting started with LastPass immediate and simple.


Never share your data with us

Our zero-knowledge infrastructure ensures neither LastPass nor your IDP possesses enough information to access a user’s vault. Instead, LastPass generates special credentials for a federated login and divides it into multiple keys, all of which are stored separately. The keys are only combined on the user's device once the user's identity has been verified.

Zero-knowledge infrastructure

Our servers never see your IDP password. Your password vault and data are encrypted and decrypted at the device level.

A uniquely protected login

Even if one login key is breached, the others are protected elsewhere. Without all keys, the user’s vault is never accessible, making data breaches virtually impossible.

Strongest encryption standard

AES-256 encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to ensure complete account security in the cloud.

Access, simplified

Whether you use your directory or LastPass as an identity provider, we have a solution for you.


Directory Integration

Integrate LastPass with your user directory to boost security, productivity and adoption.

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Single Sign-On

Connect employees to their work through LastPass’ app catalog of 1,200+ SSO integrations.

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Multifactor Authentication

Eliminate passwords for employees while maintaining granular Admin control.

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Access LastPass without having to remember another password

Establish a federated login between your identity provider and LastPass to automate and scale password management – without adding another password for employees to remember and manage.