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Directory integration

Azure Active Directory Integration

Enhance your company security and productivity with LastPass password management, which you can streamline through your Azure AD.


You can automate and scale LastPass deployment across your organization by establishing a directory integration between LastPass Business and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Ensure that the right people have access to the proper resources while keeping your employees productive.

It's vital for businesses with centralized user management and access control systems to have password management tools like LastPass. A robust password manager covers what IT admins can't control: users' credentials and data not covered by company tools.

What you get by integrating with Azure AD

  • Secure configuration and deployment of LastPass, including group syncing to assign users to policies and shared folders.
  • Automated, real-time provisioning and deprovisioning of LastPass user accounts.
  • Federated login, which allows employees to log in to their secure vaults using Azure AD credentials instead of having a LastPass master password.
  • Use your existing multifactor authentication tools or integrate with LastPass Authenticator, which supports passwordless access and is FIDO2-compatible.

Set up federated login for LastPass using Azure Active Directory

How to set up SCIM provisioning for LastPass using Azure Active Directory?

How do I convert an existing LastPass user to a federated user?

How do I configure my Azure AD account to use LastPass MFA for authentication?

LastPass supports integration with all major identity providers


Microsoft™ Active Directory

A configurable, lightweight client that syncs user profiles from your on-premise AD.


Microsoft™ Azure AD

Through a SCIM API, our Azure AD endpoint syncs user profiles from your consolidated cloud directory.


Google Workspace

Automate and scale password management, while saving time for IT, with Google Directory Integration.



Automatically provision and deprovision from your single sign-on provider through a SCIM API.



Manage and provision both users and groups by establishing integration with PingOne or Ping Federate.



Manage onboarding, offboarding, and group assignments by utilizing a SCIM API for your OneLogin directory.


Custom API

Larger enterprises with complex onboarding needs can take advantage of our flexible, powerful API.

Explore other LastPass features


Federated login

With federated login, employees can access their LastPass vault using just their directory credentials.

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Single sign-on

Reduce the number of passwords you need to remember by using LastPass single sign-on (SSO).

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Passwordless access

Simplify your employees’ login experience by removing password-related friction.

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Admin Controls

Manage directory integration, users, policies, reporting, and more from a single admin dashboard.

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Simplify access and enhance by integrating Microsoft Azure AD with LastPass

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