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A seamless federated login experience

Simplify onboarding and access to LastPass with Microsoft™ Active Directory Federation Services.

Achieve broad adoption

Take the hassle out of getting started, so every employee embraces LastPass.

Eliminate account sign-up

Employee accounts are created behind-the-scenes, so employees can just get started.

No separate master password

By using their existing AD password, employees don’t have to worry about creating and remembering one more password.

Automate password resets

Changes are automatically reflected in LastPass if you require periodic updates to the AD password.

Patented-pending security architecture

Enjoy the convenience of federated login without exposing Active Directory credentials to LastPass.

Protect with zero-knowledge

LastPass never knows or stores the AD credentials, so only the employee can decrypt their vault.

Divide the encryption key

Our patented-pending security architecture splits the encryption key in 3 parts, and only recombines on the employee's device. For more information about the security model, please see our technical white paper.

Designed for security

Vetted by third parties and industry experts, our zero-knowledge model keeps your data secure.

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Local-Only Encryption

Data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level. Data stored in the vault is kept secret, even from LastPass.


Multi-factor authentication

LastPass Authenticator adds extra security to LastPass accounts, or choose from other supported multi-factor authentication options.


Reliable Architecture

LastPass is SOC 2 certified and regularly audited. Our data centers have full redundancy for maximum dependability.

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