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Secure Employees Everywhere

Give your employees and their family a best-in-class password manager by giving them a free LastPass Families account.


Practice password hygiene at work and at home

85% of data breaches involve phishing, stolen credentials, or human error*

Professional and personal lives are merging at an unprecedented rate. Empower your employees to secure their family's personal data while making it accessible across all devices.

Simply enable your employees – and their families – to live and work securely from anywhere with LastPass Families. Your employees will be granted a personal LastPass account plus 5 additional licenses to share with their family or friends, gifting password protection with LastPass.

*LastPass 2020 Psychology of Passwords Survey

Families as a Benefit is included in your LastPass Business Package – at no extra cost


Avoid data breaches

Alert employees of compromised work emails and credentials with 24/7 dark web monitoring.


Improve password strength

The security dashboard notifies users of weak passwords with an up-to-date password strength score.


Increase LastPass adoption

Increase familiarity with password hygiene through LastPass to drive better utilization at work.

Protect your employees outside of the office

Proper password hygiene is critical to keeping professional and personal data secure. Empower your employees - and their families - to live and work securely from anywhere with LastPass Families as a Benefit.

Easy to set up

Users can start using their Families account immediately. Once their account is set up and verified, the Family Manager (your employee) can manage their Families account and invite users all through the Family Dashboard.

Families remain private

Users and their family's personal account data will never be accessible to employers. Likewise, Families members will never be able to access your business data or your employee’s business account.

Our zero-knowledge security model encrypts sensitive information at the device level, ensuring no one knows a users passwords but them.

Holistic protection for your employees and, in turn, your business

By giving employees the most inclusive family password manager, you can increase digital security at both home and work.


6 total licenses

Employees can add those closest to them: spouses, parents, friends – whoever they call family.


Access across devices

Save and autofill every password from any device: laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.


Sharing made easy

Readily share passwords one-to-one or one-to-many, with unlimited shared folders.


Control credentials

Specify the credentials meant for sharing with others, while keeping the rest private.


Enterprise password

Poor employee password management outside of the office can still affect the security of your business. Leave costly data breaches behind with LastPass Business for Enterprise.

Deploy LastPass Business and Families throughout your organization with help from your Customer Success Manager and save up to 25% off with a flat-fee site license.

Explore LastPass for your Enterprise

Easy to set up

Once an employee has claimed their LastPass Families account, they can link it to their business account. This makes getting started with Families both immediate and simple, as they’ll be able to manage both accounts within our app and browser extension.

The new LastPass Business package is a gamechanger, especially families as a benefit. It's awesome because a lot of families have shared accounts, so being able to share a password with my wife or a family member is significant. Families as a benefit makes it a lot easier for everyone to take advantage of the security features LastPass offers. Travis Pate Systems Admin, WSECU

Protect your employees at work and home

Families as a Benefit protects the data of your business, employees, and employees' families wherever users are working. Call Sales to learn more {LP_CONTACT_SALES} or try it free for 14 days.