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Go passwordless.

Eliminate passwords for employees, all while maintaining complete control over every access point.

Passwordless authentication introduces a more streamlined and secure way for employees to log into all their work.

LastPass removes the password from the employee login experience, while securing every password in use through enterprise password management.

Move beyond passwords

Authenticate employees simply and securely using biometrics and integrations, so users can seamlessly log into their work, while IT maintains complete control.


Optimize user experience

Eliminate the frustration of passwords from their day to day and increase productivity.


Eliminate password related risk

Eliminating passwords means eliminating risk. Maintain complete control with security that goes beyond passwords.

Passwordless, workstation to mobile

Secure biometric authentication enables employees to log into their applications, workstation or VPN with their fingerprint or face - without typing a password.

  • Add an additional layer of security while offering a passwordless user experience.
  • Eliminate passwords and associated risk by authenticating with who you are.
  • Authenticate employees from wherever they may be, in the office or offline, on workstation or mobile.
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Seamless, secure single sign-on

Offer your employees a seamless and secure passwordless experience, while you have complete visibility and control over user access.

  • SSO eliminates passwords for employees, requiring only one set of credentials to access all their work.
  • Offer employees a passwordless and secure experience by instantly connecting users to the applications required for their role.
  • Maintain complete control over user access with the flexibility to customize based on user, group or role.

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Eliminate passwords with federation

Federation integrates LastPass into your existing IT ecosystem to eliminate the LastPass Master Password.
  • Regardless of your identity provider, integrate LastPass into your existing IT ecosystem to eliminate the Master Password.
  • Reduce the risks associated with passwords and get employees to work quicker.
  • Give employees a seamless login experience across all their work.
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Go passwordless to improve your security

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