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Internet2 + LastPass

Partnering to bring you simple and affordable password management for your institution.


Partner overview

Internet2 is a collaborative community composed of over 2,000 organizations that provide secure cloud solutions for research and education institutions.

Internet2 NET+, a higher ed peer support community, has partnered with LastPass to provide colleges and universities with custom, affordable, school-sponsored password management solutions for IT, students, faculty, and staff.

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Each year budgets get tighter and resources slimmer as your responsibilities grow. In addition to leading your team, you’re responsible for secure onboarding, offboarding, and managing faculty, staff, and students to ensure their password behaviors don’t put your institution at risk.

Yet, in 2021, higher education ranked as one of the top 5 of industries experiencing significant data breaches. With 45% of breaches due to hacking via stolen credentials, it’s apparent users’ password management behaviors still pose a serious risk to universities (Verizon DBIR 2022).

University admins need a solution that meets their budget, integrates with existing technology, and covers all of their password management needs. Internet2 + LastPass is just that solution.

LastPass offers an all-in-one campus solution

Unburden your budget and bandwidth

LastPass ensures data is secure and properly managed, enabling everyone to achieve better password habits. LastPass provides a simple, all-in-one tool that help overburdened IT teams secure access to sensitive data and deploy cybersecurity initiatives campus-wide.

Frictionless experience for users of all levels

Keep things simple yet secure. With easy to use web extensions and mobile applications, let LastPass do the work for you, so your staff and faculty can focus on important initiatives and students can focus on academics. Users of all levels know exactly where to go, and how to get access. Plus, we know it’s not one size fits all. LastPass also offers seamless plug-and-play integrations to customize your experience.


Centralized, secure access

With a comprehensive password manager, LastPass provides control over every access point. IT can leverage 100+ custom policies, automated user management, security reporting, and more to safeguard every password-protected entry point while simplifying everyday access. We’re uncompromising regarding data security, encrypting and decrypting data at the device level, so sensitive data is kept secret, even from us.


Accessible for every user

LastPass has enabled keyboard navigation, updated proper color contrast and readability, and has added regions and language tags to allow users to navigate with screen readers and keyboards more easily within the vault navigation across three main browsers.

Digital security for all

Professional and personal lives are merging at unprecedented rates, and all faculty, staff, and students must protect their digital life – especially when accessing your institute’s data, like email and learning apps, from personal devices on and off campus.

Reduce the risk to your institute by securing your employees, students, and networks. Everyone on and off campus can sign up for a personal LastPass account to ensure a holistic security strategy at your higher education institute. With a secure, private vault accessible from any device and browser, there’s never an excuse for poor password hygiene.


Proven security model

We take your security seriously. LastPass is designed to protect what you store so that you can trust LastPass with your sensitive data. LastPass is Soc 2 Type II, Soc 3 Type II and C5 compliant. This detailed review of our controls and processes is a gold standard for confirming the security and reliability of LastPass.


Over 1,200 further education institutions and universities rely on LastPass


Case Study

University of Oklahoma

Read how University of Oklahoma encouraged better password hygiene and complexity with LastPass

Solution Overview

LastPass for Education: Improving Higher Ed Cyber Security

LastPass gives IT better control while giving LastPass student users a streamlined, seamless experience.

Success Story

Deakin University

To safeguard their sensitive data and passwords and improve the security of all users, this university put its trust in and partnered with LastPass.

Simplify campus-wide password management with LastPass

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