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Go beyond business password management

Unlimited SSO add-on

Close the gaps left by password management. Deploy SSO with as many of our 1200+ pre-integrated SSO apps.

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Advanced MFA add-on

Extend MFA to VPNs, deploy contextual authentication policies, and leverage your identity provider for federated login.

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Workstation login

Enhance security for Windows/Mac workstation logins with the LastPass Authenticator or passwordless login.

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Families for employees

Enable employees – and their families – to securely live and work from anywhere with LastPass Families

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Transparent security you can trust

Zero-knowledge security

Your data is kept secret, even from us. Only you can unlock your encrypted vault with your master password.

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Privacy program

LastPass maintains a global data privacy program designed to protect the data of customers, users, and end-users.

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Top-tier security measures

LastPass uses AES-256 data encryption for vaults and SSO while using PBKDF2 with SHA-256 for user authentication.

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Industry-tested compliance

LastPass holds third-party security certifications like ISO 27001, SOC2 Type II, SOC3, BSI C5, TRUSTe, and more.

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Insights de especialistas

“LastPass allows Yelp to protect the credentials of all applications or tools, regardless if they are under IT management or not. The LastPass administrative features provide Yelp visibility and control over the password hygiene of our business, while being easy to use and reliable.”

Bryan Shields

Engineering Manager, Yelp

“LastPass is a Great Enterprise Password Manager. LastPass is easy to integrate with corporate directory services and most users are familiar with the service from using it at home. We are able to have very granular control over shared vaults based on AD group memberships.”

Tim Payne

IT Security Architect

“It's critical to be able to view recently used passwords as well as 2FA. Passwords will be created and shared at the enterprise level, users control which passwords they have access to. One of the most significant advantages of LastPass is its compatibility with mobile devices, which allows us to access our passwords with just a few clicks.”

Hailey Barba

Lab Assistant, Michigan State University
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Frequently asked questions

What is a business password manager?

As a business password manager, LastPass helps businesses small and large manage their employees’ passwords and secure every access point to their organization. LastPass helps employees create, save, manage, and share their passwords through an integrated password generator, cross-device and -browser save and autofill, and secure sharing between users and groups. We value security and privacy above all else, employing 256-bit AES password vault encryption and zero-knowledge security measures to ensure that users are the only ones who can ever see and access their data.

How to choose the best password manager for my business?

Finding the right password manager for your business can feel like no easy task. You need a solution that handles employees passwords without complicating their day-to-day work experience; a tool that provides IT complete control and oversight over internal processes and security policies; a product which ensures management that it is a necessary cybersecurity solution.

There’s a reason 33 million users and over 100,000 businesses rely on LastPass for their password management needs. LastPass is the #1 password manager for businesses thanks to it’s compliance and security standards, which include: best-in-class AES-256 encryption of password vaults; zero-knowledge security to prioritize user privacy; and third-party compliance certifications which include ISO 27001, SOC2 Type II, SOC3, BSI C5, TRUSTe, and many more.

Businesses get the most out of LastPass thanks to it’s business features, from pre-integrated single sign-on and multifactor authentication to passwordless login, a robust admin toolkit to a transparent admin security console, enhanced deployment with assistance from a LastPass customer success manager to unified directory integration and federated login for simplified access and onboarding.

And compared to 1Password, Dashlane, Bitwarden, and Keeper, LastPass simply does business password management – and so much more – the best.

Is Lastpass Business safe from hackers?

Only one security incident occurred in our 10-year history, back in 2015. Even then, no encrypted vault data was compromised. At LastPass, we take extreme measures to ensure that our website cannot be hacked. We regularly vet our security measures through 3rd-party research and a bug bounty program to guarantee that our company – and your data – is always protected.

Our zero-knowledge security model further ensures you’re protected in the unlikely event of a LastPass breach. Even if a company breach happens, your data will remain safe, as none of our internal servers have visible access to your data or secure information.

If a hack were to occur, our team will immediately notify you through emails, blog posts, and social media, depending on the incident and which accounts were affected.

How does LastPass help businesses?

Asking yourself, “Why LastPass for my business?” The benefits of LastPass are many, including the benefits we provide both IT admins and end-users. For IT, LastPass provides essential features like: protection against poor employee passwords habits and phishing attacks; monitoring to ensure employees use strong and unique passwords; customizable security policies with scalable SSO and MFA; seamless integration and federated login with your identity provider of choice; a robust admin toolkit; a holistic admin dashboard with 24/7 data breach monitoring, advanced reporting, and top-down user management; and a personal customer success manager, who will help your business deploy LastPass organization-wide.

How much does a business password manager cost?

Businesses get a free 14-day trial of LastPass Business – no credit card required – to ensure it’s the right solution for them before buying seats for users.

LastPass Business, which comes with standard single sign-on (SSO) – up to 3 SSO apps – and multifactor authentication (MFA), costs $6 per user/month. The Unlimited SSO add-on and Advanced MFA add-on each cost an additional $2 per user/month. However, the special bundle of LastPass Business plus Unlimited SSO and Advanced MFA costs only $9 per user/month.

Enterprise businesses can also cut costs by getting LastPass Business for Enterprises. Contact a LastPass sales representative and get quoted a flat-fee site license so LastPass Business can uniformly scale with your organization.

What sources did LastPass use on this page?

People’s privacy always comes first. That’s why LastPass does not collect any personal data, including data stored in password vaults. LastPass and our partners regularly conduct surveys among cybersecurity experts, business customers, and consumers to gather information on password management habits.

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