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Lastpass vs keeper

Need Comprehensive Password Management?Choose LastPass

With LastPass, there are no hidden fees or security workarounds. You get the best. Join the 33M users who already trust LastPass with their digital lives.


LastPass is the right choice for your business when you need to:


Eliminate employee password reuse

Create strong, unique passwords every time by eliminating memorization.


Manage passwords from one place

Control permissions, sharing, and more from a unified admin dashboard.


Ensure only employees can access their sensitive data

Zero-knowledge security means only you can access and see your sensitive data.


Share passwords simply and safely

Securely share passwords between team members, groups, and outside vendors.

lastpass vs. keeper features

Your all-in-one password management solution

  • 100+ customizable policies give admins all the personalized control they need and want.
  • Standalone adaptive multifactor authentication (MFA) that integrates with major identity providers and authenticates into VPNs, workstations, cloud apps, etc.
  • SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) with a complete catalog of over 1200 apps available for integration.
  • Automated advanced reporting creates audit trails and detailed reports on user activity, policies, and more.
lastpass vs. keeper security

Security that values your privacy

  • Data breach monitoring with clear admin control.
  • SOC 2, SOC 3 and C5 compliance, and 256-bit AES encryption – as used by the banking and military sector.
  • Encryption keys are stored in multiple places to minimize risk, so your data is protected even if one key is stolen.
  • History of transparency on any potential vulnerabilities and is respected by security professionals and media alike.
lastpass vs. keeper user experience

Assurance and ease of use drive adoption

  • LastPass is built with end users in mind. A streamlined user experience increases advocacy across organizations.
  • Unified admin console makes it easy to manage and deploy LastPass across an entire organization.
  • LastPass seamlessly integrates with all major identity providers and supports federated login.
  • LastPass is your all-in-one solution: complete business identity protection saves you time, money, and resources.
lastpass vs. keeper support & value

Support you need, with no hidden costs

  • Get live, unlimited, 24/7 support at no extra charge.
  • Free trials across all paid tiers, from Premium to Enterprise, ensures users are confident when choosing LastPass.
  • Transparent, inclusive pricing ensures key features and provided at no extra cost.
  • Deploy LastPass through your enterprise business with help from your personal Customer Success Manager.

Trusted by millions, recognized by experts


Best Software Awards for Best Security Product



Best Feature Set in Identity Management



Businesses choose LastPass


Password Management Solution of the Year

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“It's critical to be able to view recently used passwords as well as 2FA. Passwords will be created and shared at the enterprise level, users control which passwords they have access to. One of the most significant advantages of LastPass is its compatibility with mobile devices, which allows us to access our passwords with just a few clicks.”


Hailey B

Lab Assistant

“The ability to granularly provide different role permissions is a key aspect of LastPass that I couldn’t live without. That's a big benefit, especially from the engineering side. I was impressed with how granular the options are. Additionally, I love that LastPass offers the ability to control the structure of folders and groupings of URLs and share it with team members as necessary.”


Bryan Veal

Systems Engineer, Shasta County Office of Education

“LastPass has enabled me to securely log into dozens of accounts across multiple devices with the security of needing to memorize only one master password or have at least a scannable thumbprint.”


Brad Bratcher

Data Protection Specialist, Dell EMC

Let’s make the world more secure, together

Breaches happen every day. Protect your business with LastPass.

Last updated: April 22, 2022

*Monthly pricing is billed annually.