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Cybersecurity Awareness Month


We are proud to partner with the National Cyber Security Alliance to celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Understanding and outsmarting password (mis)behaviors


65% of people reuse the same password for multiple accounts although 92% know that it’s a security risk to do so.


80% of data breaches are caused by weak or reused passwords.


46% didn't strengthen their passwords while working remotely and 47% haven't changed their online security habits since working from home.


Take control of your digital life this October

Practicing proper password hygiene is critical to keeping your data secure. Whether you're managing work or personal applications – meeting software, banking, social media, online school logins, shopping accounts and more – now is the time to begin protecting all your accounts! 

Take control of your cybersecurity practices with LastPass. Personal users, families, and businesses can rejoice, knowing that all of their passwords and sensitive information are secure when stored in their LastPass password vault. Best of all, they’re never far away: while encrypted, you can access your passwords and secure notes from anywhere, from any device.


Improve your password hygiene practices today

Take cybersecurity into your own hands and let LastPass take care of the rest. We help strengthen and secure your digital life by:

  • Creating strong personal and business passwords
  • Generating unique passwords so you never use the same password twice
  • Securely sharing passwords with friends, family, and among coworkers
  • Protecting you from breaches with Dark Web Monitoring
  • Implementing multi-factor authentication
  • Setting up Emergency Access

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Learn more about cybersecurity

We’ll be featuring a different cybersecurity issue each week in October. We encourage everyone to jump in and listen, learn, educate, and get involved. Because together, we can make an impact and change cybersecurity practices for the better.


Strengthen your cybersecurity practices

This October, check out our blog, interact with us on social, attend our upcoming webinar, and join the conversation on how to #BeCyberSmart.