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Manage access to business resources based on time

Define when employees can access their work using the Time-Based Access Policy.


Gain complete control of when your business information is accessed

Ensure only the right users are logging in at the right time.

Specify applications

Specify which applications in your business should be accessed only during a defined timeframe.

Set parameters

Define the timeframe in which employees should be able to access the application. Should access be allowed outside of standard business hours?

Select users

Determine which users or groups should require time-based access control. Do contractors or short-term workers need access 24/7?

Implement time-based access

Legitimate access requests in the time parameter will be approved, while requests outside of the parameter will be denied.

Restrict access based on time for enhanced security and control

Ensure only the right users are logging in at the right time.

Take control over user access

Ensure you have complete control over every application in use.

Implement granular control

Define when employees can access their resources in alignment with your business objectives.

Optimize security

Protect business applications both inside and outside of work hours.

Maintain a superior user experience

Offer employees a streamlined login experience, while IT has complete control.

Easily control your employee access with LastPass

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