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Secure authentication for the workstation

Protect your business by ensuring secure authentication across every work device with Workstation MFA.

Eliminate workstation risks, without adding complexity

Workstation MFA secures employee logins, no matter where they’re working, by adding multifactor authentication (MFA).

Biometric authentication

Workstation MFA authenticates employees into their workstation with biometrics, a factor more secure than a traditional password.

Seamless user experience

Improve employee productivity by implementing a consistent authentication experience across all work devices.

Manage deployment with ease

Admins can easily deploy Workstation MFA across all endpoints using the LastPass MSI installer and existing automation tools—no employee effort required.

Choose the log-in method that best fits the needs of your admins and employees

MFA allows you to choose between two options: add MFA as a secondary check to an employee workstation password or as a complete password replacement with passwordless.


Workstation MFA

Enhance security by requiring a secondary authentication check prior to granting access to the workstation on both logins and devices accessed via remote desktop protocol (RDP).


Workstation MFA Passwordless

Increase convenience by going passwordless and replace employee workstation passwords with MFA. Employees no longer have to input passwords and admins can enforce stronger passwords requirements.

The login experience end users want, coupled with the control IT needs

Workstation MFA is seamless for employees while allowing IT to ensure only legitimate users receive access.


Protect your workstation at every access point,
across every device

Enhanced business security and a seamless employee experience is one click away. Get started with your free 14-day trial of LastPass Business today.

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