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What is single sign-on (SSO)?

A single sign-on solution gives employees secure access to their websites and apps. Instead of remembering lots of usernames and passwords, an SSO solution requires only one.

With LastPass SSO, employees log in to their secure vault. From there, they can click to access any website or app, without remembering or retyping any passwords. Employees are more productive, and access to corporate systems is more secure.

How does SSO work?

  • Every employee has their own LastPass vault, where they can access their stored passwords and apps.
  • In the LastPass Enterprise admin dashboard, our SSO app catalog simplifies set-up for IT admins with pre-configured cloud apps.
  • Once IT admins have enabled cloud apps for their users, users simply log in to their LastPass vault to connect to those apps.
  • Via SAML 2.0, employees are securely authenticated to their cloud apps, without ever having to remember or type passwords.

Benefits of SSO

Simple access

Connect employees to all their cloud apps from one vault.

One password

Give employees what they truly want with only one password to remember.

Secure storage

Ensure all passwords and apps are protected in one safe place.

Eliminate frustration

Save employees time and remove password obstacles.

Why LastPass?

Our solution is built for security

Two-factor authentication icon.

Two-factor authentication

Add a layer of security by adding a second verification step when you login with SSO. Use LastPass Authenticator or integrate with a leading 2FA solution.

Device level encryption icon

Local-only encryption

Your data is encrypted at the device level with one master sign on, keeping it a secret from everyone - even LastPass.

SOC II compliance icon.

SOC type 2 compliance

LastPass processes and controls are regularly and thoroughly audited to ensure maximum data security.

Password management vs. SSO

Single Sign-On solutions help streamline employee access to key enterprise apps, but they leave a critical gap by not authenticating every single app that an employee uses. In addition to the apps that don't integrate with SSO, there are many services that employees bring into the workplace without IT's knowledge. Every one of those logins is a potential entryway for a hacker and needs to be secured accordingly.

Enter a password manager, like LastPass. With LastPass, you don't have to choose between the benefits of password management and single sign on. Password managers like LastPass address the gap left by apps and web services that aren't supported by SSO solutions, allow IT to enforce security controls on employee-introduced cloud apps, facilitate password sharing, and solve for co management of work and personal credentials.


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