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Single sign-on for cloud apps

Give employees one-click access to today's top cloud apps.

SAML single sign-on

Simple, secure access for cloud and web-based apps.

Simple setup with app catalog

Our selection of today’s most popular cloud apps are pre-configured to make set-up simple for IT teams.

Protect all your apps

From Salesforce to Google apps, LastPass protects access to every app your business relies on.

Not just for enterprises

LastPass makes single sign-on simple and affordable for small and medium-sized businesses, too.

Password vaulting & SSO

When you’re tight on budget and resources, centralize password vaulting and SSO into one service with LastPass.

Log in once

Whether apps are federated or employees save as they go, every login lives side-by-side in one place for easy access.

Remember one password

Employees only need to remember one password for convenient access to all their apps.

Access from everywhere

LastPass connects employees no matter where they work, from their device of choice.

Just-in-time provisioning

Eliminate account set-up and fast-track onboarding for LastPass and your key cloud apps.

LastPass does the legwork

LastPass creates accounts on the fly at first user login to Salesforce, Google Apps and other supported services.

Reduce on and offboarding tasks

Automate the entire onboarding and offboarding of employees for LastPass accounts, cloud apps, and shared passwords.

Instantly empower employees

Give employees immediate access to every tool they need to do their jobs. First day on the job? Login to LastPass and get to work!

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