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Reduce your remote work risk

Maintain complete oversight over employee access, no matter where your team is working.


Remote work poses unique security challenges


How do you maintain security throughout the business?


How do you give remote employees access to what they need?


How do you give and revoke access?

Identity and access management (IAM) can make the transition to a remote workforce easier by securely connecting employees to their work, all while IT maintains complete control.


Manage employee access

Even when employees aren’t in the office, IT needs to know who is accessing what. Single sign-on (SSO) enables IT to grant access to applications, all with the flexibility to revoke access as needed. For applications not covered by SSO, password management captures and secures all remaining credentials.


Enforce multifactor authentication

MFA adds an additional layer of security to every login, giving IT the assurance that employees are who they say they are. Adding MFA across applications, workstations and VPN helps organizations maintain security across every access point, and biometrics help make the authentication experience seamless.


Securely collaborate

When employees aren’t in the office together, they need a secure way to collaborate. Secure password sharing makes it easy for teams to securely share credentials, so everyone has access to what they need. IT maintains control over the shared credentials to ensure the business is secure.


Work securely from anywhere

LastPass Business includes LastPass Families for all employees with a business account. Employees can create a personal LastPass account and, as the Family Manager, invite up to 5 family members and friends. Improve the security of your business while providing an additional benefit to your employees.


Prevent cyber attacks

Cybercriminals target remote employees with phishing attacks in the hopes of gaining fraudulent access. Password management can help prevent phishing schemes by never auto-filling credentials on suspicious sites, so employees can seamlessly log in while IT mitigates risk.


LastPass Identity makes remote work simple and secure

With the right IAM strategy in place, the transition to a remote workforce can be made easier. LastPass Business can help secure and empower your remote workforce through unified single sign-on, password management and MFA to keep employees productive and the business secure.

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