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From Passwords to Passwordless.

Addressing the password problem as employees work from anywhere

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The password problem persists.

IT and employees agree: passwords are a problem.

  • 95% believe there are risks to using passwords
  • 85% agree their organization should reduce the number of passwords used on a daily basis.

Passwordless authentication enables employees to securely authenticate into their work without typing a password. Is going passwordless the right solution for businesses tackling the password problem?

About the research.

LastPass by LogMeIn commissioned independent technology market research specialist Vanson Bourne in order to understand the current state of passwords in organizations today, and how these trends are driving towards a passwordless future.

We surveyed 750 IT and security professionals at organizations ranging from 250 - 3,000 employees across:

  • A global reach, spanning the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore and the United States
  • A breadth of industries including financial services, information technology, education and more
  • A variety of IT security roles ranging from CISOs to security analysts
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Businesses recognize the value of going passwordless.

Organizations see the potential benefits of adopting a passwordless authentication model, for both IT teams and their employees.

Benefits for IT

Better security

Eliminating password related risk

Benefits for Employees

Quicker access to their work

Fewer passwords to remember

Can I really go passwordless?

Can passwords be eliminated completely, or will there have to be a combination of a passwordless login experience coupled with password management?

  • 85% believe passwords are not going away completely
  • 92% see passwordless authentication in their organization's future

Download the full report, From Passwords to Passwordless, to see how businesses are addressing the password problem as employees work from anywhere.

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