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Secure access to business resources based on trusted devices

Define trusted IPs and block access from unwanted IPs with the IP Policy.


Take control over how you manage user access across the organization

The IP Policy enables you to Whitelist trusted IP addresses and Blacklist IPs to block access for complete control.

Specify trusted IP addresses

Determine which IP addresses should be permitted to access business resources.

Define unwanted IP addresses

Select which IP addresses should not have be able to access any application in the business.

Assign users

Enforce which users have a trusted IP address, whereas a blacklisted IP will apply to all users and applications.

Implement IP based access

Seamlessly enable trusted users on trusted IPs, while preventing access to the rest.

Granular control across every access point in the business

Guarantee only the right users are logging in from trusted devices.

Gain control over employee access

Only allow access to sensitive business information from trusted sources.

Control across every access point

Prevent access attempts from unknown devices for enhanced security.

Enable employees

Simply and securely allow the right employees to access their work, while preventing unwanted access.

Increased security, without the complexity

Customize access policies to boost security, without impacting productivity.

Secure employee across points with LastPass

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