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Businesses choose LastPass

Business password management

Protect your business with better password behavior

  • Make it easy for users to securely access and share apps not protected by SSO and sensitive info.
  • Scale adoption with automation and proactively monitor company-wide password health.
  • Further reduce password use with passwordless login options.
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Personal password management

Safely store and autofill passwords across devices

  • Eliminate password reuse with the built-in password generator.
  • Autofill passwords and info in one click, on any device.
  • Assess your security behavior and monitor for data breaches.
  • Minimize the need to type in passwords for a passwordless experience.
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LastPass covers you with comprehensive security protection


Best-in-class encryption

Your master password and stored passwords are kept secret, even from LastPass. Your vault is encrypted and decrypted only at the device level.

LastPass encryption model

Global security certifications

LastPass holds third-party certifications including ISO 27001, SOC2 Type II, SOC3, BSI C5, TRUSTe, and more to match your company’s compliance.

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Protect against the dark web

Security breaches are happening all the time. LastPass protects your private data and notifies you when it gets compromised.

Dark web monitoring

Full endpoint protection

Enable additional authentication, like a one-time passcode or fingerprint scan, to protect your account against bad actors and cyber attacks.

Multifactor authentication

Over 100,000 forward-thinking businesses rely on LastPass


LastPass is one of the applications our teams come looking for, we no longer need to promote it, and that’s why adoption is over 70%. It’s an easy win for the security team and its easy for the employees to create and manage complex passwords that they don’t need to remember.

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HOLT CAT sees a high adoption rate of LastPass due to its ease-of-use