LogMeIn has everything your organization needs to work remote and stay connected.


Empower employees to work remotely, while securing every login.

Were businesses prepared to enable employees to securely work from anywhere? Remote work has forced global business to reconsider policies and enact procedures to keep employees safe - and 96% of organizations have had to adjust their identity strategy as a result.

The LogMeIn portfolio secures and powers remote work for people all around the globe. You can maintain complete control over every employee login, no matter where the team is working.


Remote Work Kits are here to help.

Coronavirus forced businesses to reconsider their remote work policies. As the world starts to return to some normalcy, we know that organizations will see a jump in full-time remote workers, but the more dramatic shift will be that more and more work will become location agnostic. 

We expect organizations to embrace remote working more than ever before. Today's technology has enabled organization to embrace policies that trend toward more flexible work and away from the rigid 9-5.


Identity and access management secures a remote workforce by seamlessly connecting employees to their work, all while IT maintains complete control. 

With LastPass Identity, IT can securely manage employee access and authentication through single sign-on, password management and multifactor authentication in one unified, easy-to-use solution.  

Remote Access Products

Anytime, anywhere access to your work. Remotely access your work computer from remote endpoints with LogMeIn’s easy-to-use solutions.

When VPN solutions get overloaded or when employees do not have the ability to take their work home with them, remote access functionality enables workers across all industries to remotely access their work computers from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.


LogMeIn Pro

Provide anywhere, anytime access to all your devices, files, applications and information.


LogMeIn Central

Mitigate the risk of cyber threats and proactively solve concerns before they become problems.



Deliver instant remote access from anywhere via any remote computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Remote Collaboration Suite

The GoTo Collaboration Cloud is a part of the LogMeIn family. Everything you’ll ever need to collaborate and win together, brought together.

Maintain productivity with instant, reliable face-to-face collaboration from wherever you join – desktop, web, or mobile.

Deliver powerful presentations for remote teams with up to 3,000 attendees – perfect for all-hands meetings or company-wide announcements.



The trusted online meeting software for millions to communicate and collaborate on any device, anywhere.



Effectively engage and interact with a remote audience whenever, wherever.



The Jive business phone system and GoToMeeting together in one powerful, unified product.



Improve training and learning outcomes with collaboration tools, easy screen sharing, recording, and simple setup.

Remote Support Products

From answering repetitive FAQs to supporting complex technical issues, seamlessly support your end users.

Resolve technical issues from anywhere by delivering web-based support to customers, end users, unattended computers and servers.

Deliver up-to-date answers 24/7 to customers and employees, and learn from their questions, with an AI-powered self-service bot.



Provide remote support that solves every problem seamlessly and securely on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.



Resolve issues by delivering web-based support to customers, end users, computers and servers.


Rescue Lens

Remotely guide end users through troubleshooting, problem resolution, product setup and more.

Everything you need to secure and empower your remote workforce.