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Restrict access to business resources based on location

Geofencing enables you to define parameters of where access is allowed - and where it is not.


Geofencing gives IT complete control to define where user access is granted

Defined Green Zones enable access while Red Zones prevent unwanted logins.

Define locations

Determine where employees should be accessing their work, and where they should not.

Create Green Zones

Create parameters where employees should be securely accessing their work, like your corporate office address.

Establish Red Zones

Establish locations where no access request should ever be granted, like a country in which you do not operate in.

Select users, groups and applications

Define which resources should be included in a Green Zone for complete flexibility, while Red Zones will be applied everywhere for complete security.

Enforce stronger security, without impacting employee productivity

Geofencing enables the right access attempts and prevents the fraudulent ones.

Gain complete control

Implement granular policies to take control of user access across the business.

Maintain complete visibility

View detailed reporting to understand who is requesting access, and from where.

Authenticate only the right employees

Allow streamlined access to employees logging in from secure locations.

Thwart unwanted access attempts

Prevent unwanted access requests from unwanted locations before they happen.

Geofence protection is now available from LastPass

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