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SMA Technologies benefits from SSO and Device Sync

LastPass offered Single Sign On Benefits and the ability to sync devices that comply with ISO standards.

LastPass Outcomes


Streamlined global support


One comprehensive solution


Easily access apps from any device

“With LastPass single sign-on and password management, we’ve been able to minimize where our end-users have to login each day - ensuring we meet our high security standards” Tye Summerville IT Network & Services Manager

Customer Overview

SMA Technologies was founded by a team of automation experts at NASA that saw an opportunity to bring automation to the IT industry. Today, SMA Technologies has over 600 clients in 24 countries using their OpCon automation platform.



SMA Technologies holds a high security standard for their organization by following the security practices set by ISO 27001. One key aspect of these standards is ensuring controlled access to all systems for both internal and external users.

As SMA Technologies relied on sharing passwords to access shared logins, they needed a solution that would provide a secure and reliable method for sharing credentials while maintaining their high security standards.

In addition, SMA Technologies infrastructure system is predominantly cloud-based. More cloud-based applications mean more passwords and logins for their end-users. SMA Technologies wanted to find a way to minimize the number of passwords that their end-users would need to manage, through SSO benefits (single sign on) and the ability to sync devices.


LastPass helps SMA Technologies to meet their high security standards. LastPass allows SMA Technologies to reduce the number of credentials that their end-users must input through its single sign-on benefits and capabilities. With single sign-on, end-users only need to provide credentials once before having access to many of their work applications.

In addition, SMA Technologies relies on LastPass password management to secure all passwords for applications or sites that are excluded from single sign-on. SMA Technologies also utilizes shared folders to easily provision or de-provision users to credentials – allowing the IT team to maintain control over user access and sync devices.


SMA Technologies found it easy to enable LastPass in their environment. For the IT team, LastPass allows them to support their teams across global offices in a streamlined fashion. By having sign-on and password management in one comprehensive solution, the IT team can manage access in one place.

For the users, LastPass allows them to easily access their work cloud applications from any device, reducing the frustration of forgetting or changing old passwords while increasing their security.

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