Eliminate passwords for employees with LastPass Workstation MFA Passwordless

Passwords Create Risk and Frustrations

An employee’s workstation is one of the most exposed access points in an organization. How can IT ensure that only legitimate users are accessing the workstation in the first place? Employees reusing weak and easy to remember passwords for their workstation increases the risk of exposure, and prompting an employee for a password every time they need to log into their work decreases productivity. Workstation MFA Passwordless from LastPass enables employees to gain access to their workstation, without typing a password, to increase both security and productivity. 

Eliminate Passwords for Employees with Workstation MFA

With Workstation MFA, your employees can log in to their workstations effortlessly using biometrics like fingerprint or face ID, ensuring a seamless and secure authentication process.

Opposed to typing a traditional username and password, Workstation MFA prompts employees to authenticate with the LastPass Authenticator app. Workstation MFA passwordless adds an additional layer of security to every single login attempt to the workstation, all while removing the need to enter the workstation password from the employee’s login.

But that’s not all Workstation MFA passwordless helps with.


Enforce the Security of Strong Passwords, Without Ever Needing to Type Them

While the workstation password still exists behind the scenes, employees only experience seamless biometric authentication for their logins, while LastPass manages the rest. Workstation MFA enables IT to enforce stronger passwords to secure the workstation, where employees will never have to manually type the passwords in.

Stronger Security Across Every Business Device

IT teams are now able to implement secure biometric authentication across every user, app and device, and employees can enjoy a consistent passwordless authentication experience throughout their entire workday.

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