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Higher Logic sought a solution for password sharing with built in Active Directory Sync security

By deploying LastPass, Higher Logic has drastically improved their security posture, delivering a significant return on investment.

LastPass Outcomes


Greater productivity


Improved security


Secure password sharing

“It’s allowed us the ability to see, in a tangible way, real data about users and their password behaviors, without sacrificing the security of those credentials.” Matt Shafer IT Manager, Higher Logic

Customer Overview

Higher Logic connects people to people. They Bring People Together — Customers, Members, Employees. They Build Community. They Make Communication Clearer. They Provide Space for Relationships to Thrive. Grow Brand Awareness. Increase Retention. Build a Knowledge Base. Drive Engagement.



Higher Logic is on a mission to make digital marketing simple, helping nonprofits and associations attract and retain the right audience.

Matt Shafer, IT Manager at Higher Logic, was looking for a password solution that would meet the needs of their growing team. They were already using an open-source password manager, but were not satisfied with the password sharing experience, especially for remote employees.

They sought an automated, collaborative solution that allowed for flexible password sharing while meeting all the company’s needs for security and IT oversight.


Higher Logic chose LastPass for its role-based password sharing functionality, robust reporting capabilities, and built-in security.

Now every employee has a portable vault where their credentials are always available and always encrypted. Team leads centrally control shared passwords, giving access based on roles or groups. LastPass also gives Higher Logic a way to gain visibility into actual user password behavior, so they can accurately measure their progress in improving password security.

And in contrast to other products they’ve deployed, the Active Directory sync client was configured in a mere 45 minutes, providing a quick and efficient way to get the whole team on board with LastPass.


LastPass allows Higher Logic to:

  • Coach employees on good password habits and reinforce why they matter.
  • Add additional protection to company data with 3rd-party multifactor authentication to ensure built-in security
  • Thought Active Directory Sync LastPass enables “Set and forget” policies that control when and where people can access corporate resources, including preventing access from jailbroken devices and blocking export.
  • Regularly report to executive leaders around progress with password security and usage of the product.
  • Incentivize better security by rewarding employees with top scores and usage of LastPass through regular gift card giveaways.

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