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With LastPass Premium and Families, save a password once and it's instantly available across all your devices. Protect your whole family for just $1 more per month.

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Take your security to the next level

Zero-knowledge security

Your data is kept secret, even from us. Only you can unlock your encrypted vault with your master password.

Learn About Security

Be aware of digital threats

LastPass data breach monitoring immediately notifies you if your data has been compromised online.

Data Breach Scanning

Nurture your habits

LastPass helps you find and update weak, reused passwords with unique ones created by our password generator.

Security Dashboard

Multifactor authentication

Enable additional authentication, like a one-time passcode or fingerprint scan, to protect your account against hackers.

Multifactor Options

Good for one user

  • Automatically sync everything you save – passwords, secure notes – across all your devices: desktop browser, tablet, smartphone, and more.
  • Share passwords with other LastPass users, whether they’re a friend, family member, or classmate, without the risk of compromising your data.
  • Protect your account with Advanced MFA tech, like fingerprint authentication.
  • Ensure someone you trust always has emergency access to your account.

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Good for the whole family

For just $1 more a month, Families includes everything in Premium, plus:

  • Get 6 Premium accounts for yourself and your parents, kids, etc.
  • Give every user their own personal, independent vault.
  • Manage user's account security all from the family manager dashboard.
  • Organize important passwords in folders – streaming passwords, banking credentials, etc. – and securely share them with Families members.

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Best for Ease of Use Password Manager

"By far the best password software I have ever used. It's easily accessible on my laptop and phone. I don’t have to remember passwords; I know they are secure and the family sharing of certain folders elevates LastPass above it's competitors.”

Wendy Lonstein

LastPass Premium user

“I use LastPass both corporately and personally. It allows me to securely store and share passwords with my family and co-workers in separate environments and happily generates random secure passwords for me, which prevents me from re-using the same one.”

Erik Eckert

System administrator, MPE Engineering Ltd.

“If you deal with other people's information, as my company does, LastPass is a must. We use it to organize sensitive client credentials, which has never failed us. Its level of security offers us flexibility if we have a vendor or team member that needs access but don't want to share the actual password.”

Sarah Perry

Senior Marketing Director, Small business

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Breaches happen every day. Protect your friends and family with LastPass.

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