Offer LastPass Family as a benefit to your employees

Strong password habits at home translate to better hygiene at work.

Let employees take LastPass home with them

Professional and personal lives are merging at an unprecedented rate. Your employees must be empowered to keep information accessible and secure across personal and business devices and applications. LastPass Families for employees provides just that.

Provide a best-in-class password manager as a benefit for your employees and their family with LastPass Business – at no additional cost.

Personal habits make an impact

Encourage proper password hygiene personally, and you’ll reap the benefits professionally. Individuals admit that they protect their work accounts at a lower rate than their personal accounts. And they use bad habits in both instances.

When 91% of people know using variations of the same password is risky but 66% still do it anyway - you’ve got a problem to solve!

Granting a personal LastPass account with a secure vault to generate, store, manage, and share sensitive credentials and information, leaves no room for poor password management.

Increase employee adoption

When 85% of breaches involve a human element, it becomes absolutely critical to ensure you secure every access point to your business, especially now that employees may be remote.

Take control of your business’ data and enable your employees to do the same. Rest easy knowing your employees are practicing the same safe habits at home, increasing familiarity with proper password hygiene through LastPass Family, and ultimately drive better utilization, adoption, and engagement at work.

Two private vaults – one location

When it comes to security, there’s no compromise. No one knows your businesses or employee’s passwords with LastPass’ zero-knowledge security model. Your business’ data will never be accessible to your employee’s family members. Ever.

Similarly, your business will never be able to access your employee’s personal data or their family member’s data. LastPass Business and LastPass Families – or any Personal LastPass account, are always kept private.

Get the most out of LastPass Families

Improve personal habits

Increase employee adoption

Separate password vaults for security

Empower Your Employees

Invite Family and Friends

However you define family, we’ve got you covered. Invite up to 5 additional family members or friends to join their LastPass Family account.

Maintain Private Vaults

Each family member is granted their own unique LastPass account where they can store personal passwords and specify those meant for sharing with others, while keeping the rest private. Linking an account will not merge personal and professional data.

Benefit from Holistic Protection

Store and protect their entire family’s passwords across all devices, while creating a digital contingency plan for their family’s most important digital assets.

Enjoy Unlimited Sharing

Share passwords with one-to-one or one-to-many sharing capabilities, with unlimited shared folders.

Review Security Strength

Increase password hygiene by using the security dashboard to clearly see what passwords need updating based on the password strength score.

Monitor the Dark Web

Receive alerts when data is compromised through 24/7 dark web monitoring – similarly, family members will get notified, too!

Get Premium Support

Employees have direct access to basic and personal LastPass support. They can access our 24/7 Support Center with self-help resources and the LastPass Community - monitored by LastPass Specialists. If they need more help, they can email support and speak with our customer care team!

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