Advanced Kiosks needed to secure their data from cyber breaches

For a company with healthcare and government organizations as clients, protecting their data was not just fundamental but non-negotiable.

LastPass Outcomes

Enforce stronger passwords

Reduced data risk

Greater peace of mind

“LastPass solves the problem of not knowing if your employees are taking the proper password security measures.” Nancy Deol Marketing Manager, Advanced Kiosks

Customer Overview

Advanced Kiosks is a leading manufacturer of computer kiosks and interactive kiosk solutions. With over 16 years of experience in touchscreen and self-service technology, Advanced Kiosks has designed complete solutions for dozens of industries around the globe.


Cybercrime is not something that Advanced Kiosks takes lightly. With many government and healthcare organizations as customers, the kiosk hardware and software provider knew that protecting their data was not just fundamental but non-negotiable. And given the growing frequency of data breaches in the news, Advanced Kiosks understood that protecting their workplace computers was just as important as securing their products.


A single data breach can be staggering for businesses. From a loss of potential revenue to expensive investigations to damaged brand credibility, the costs of not taking action are heavy. That’s why Advanced Kiosks began searching for a proactive way to safeguard their computers, and they quickly settled on LastPass for secure password management.

“Advanced Kiosks chose LastPass because we recognized that preventing potential attacks is worth the nominal investment,” said Nancy Deol, marketing manager at Advanced Kiosks. The ease of use helped employees get started quickly, storing credentials in their vaults and following best password practices. And the strong encryption and multi-factor authentication of LastPass ensured that their security needs were met.


For Advanced Kiosks, implementing LastPass has not only improved their password practices but eased their security concerns. “The vault is user-friendly and makes managing passwords easy,” said Deol. “We’re able to grant shared access to various software platforms without disclosing the passwords.” The centralized admin dashboard also lets the IT team preload vaults for employees and quickly revoke access when they leave to reduce risk.

“Now is the time to protect your business with a small investment for what is priceless: your peace of mind.” Nancy Deol Marketing manager at Advanced Kiosk

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