Identity and Access Management Is Critical to Securing a Remote Workforce

What is Identity and Access Management (IAM)?

Identity and access management (IAM) is how employees securely connect to the business resources required to be productive. With the sudden shift to remote work, were businesses prepared to empower their employees to securely work from anywhere?

LastPass surveyed global IT decision makers across a variety of industries to determine the impact of remote work to IAM1

Has your IAM strategy changed in regards to remote workforce management?

  • 96% of organizations say remote work has impacted their IAM strategy.
  • Almost every organization needed to reevaluate their IAM strategy in order to secure employees working from anywhere.

How are IT leaders adapting their IAM strategy to secure a remote workforce?

  • 62% businesses believe multifactor authentication (MFA) is the most effective way to secure their remote workforce.
  • MFA adds an additional layer of security to every login – helping to ensure remote employees are who they say they are.

What is the ultimate goal of implementing these secure remote work technologies?

  • #1 Securing ng access for employees is ranked as the top IAM priority for remote work.
  • Businesses are most focused on facilitating secure access – no matter where employees are working from.

Given how resource-constrained IT teams are, how high of a priority is secure remote work?

  • 59% strongly agree that IAM is a top priority over the next 12 months.
  • Looking at the next year, we can expect to see a large number of businesses prioritize adapting their IAM strategies to secure a remote workforce.

How critical is IAM to an organization’s overall remote work security strategy?

  • 98% of IT decision makers agree IAM is critical to securing their remote workforce.
  • Almost every business agrees - IAM is critical for a secure remote workforce.


  1. LastPass IDG Rapid Response Poll, June 2020

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