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Why Password Security Matters for All Employees

A password management solution should cover all employees – not just specific departments and individuals.

Protect your entire organization with robust password management

Passwords are a universal key to any door of your organization. Whether that door is frequently used or not, it’s accessible. As flexible work continues, entries are added, and the universal key multiplies.

The keys to your business are at risk if anyone in your organization is creating, managing, or sharing weak or reused passwords. Unfortunately, statistics show that only 32% of work-related accounts have a strong password attached to them. Even worse, password reuse is increasing: 92% of people know using the same password or a variation is risky, but 65% do it anyway.

Deploying a password management solution only to select departments of your organization allows risks and vulnerabilities to persist and grow elsewhere. Individuals will continue to practice poor password habits unless they have a solution that makes managing all their passwords easy.

Give your users the tools they need to be successful. Provide a password manager for everyone through a LastPass Site License to eliminate password fatigue and poor security habits.

Fill security gaps by integrating with existing technology

Many think deploying one security solution covers the entire digital workplace, but deploying a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution only secures a small percentage of applications, like business-related apps such as Workday and Slack. You’ll need a more robust solution to protect employees who use their work devices for personal use or vice versa.

Password management augments and integrates with the technology you use most at your business to ensure every access point is secure.

Secure and streamlined collaboration

Employees can share credentials by securely granting (and revoking) access in real-time to individual accounts or shared folders, both internally and externally. Hide the actual password by enabling individuals to launch the shared account from a LastPass vault. Collaboration has never been so simple – maintain efficiency while increasing security.

Save money and deploy LastPass throughout your business

A LastPass Site License offers a LastPass Business account for every employee in your organization at a flat fee versus a seat-based rate. This option allows you to scale your LastPass use as your company grows – without any added cost.

You also get a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to assist with the rollout of LastPass at your organization. Plus, every LastPass Business account holder will also receive a free Families account – which grants them a personal LastPass account and five more accounts to share with those closest to them.

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Everyday use cases to secure your business

  • Information technology (IT)

    IT manages large volumes of passwords required to keep its technology and security infrastructure secure – and the business running. IT needs a simple solution to secure and share credentials – from servers to administrative tasks – to protect data, onboard employees quickly, and limit technology issues.

  • Sales and business management

    These team tools include customer-management services, demo logins, and automation software to help manage client and vendor relationships. These individuals are on the road using mobile devices, connecting to various Wi-Fi networks, and increasing their digital exposure.

  • User directory integrations

    Marketing teams use websites and tools for PR, campaigns, and data analysis and frequently engage with external partners for marketing services. In a recent study, Gartner found that Marketing spends more on technology than IT. Many individuals resort to sharing a single license for these tools.

  • Social media

    The social media team manages dozens (sometimes hundreds) of social accounts and content production, distribution, and data analysis tools. Many of these services do not support SAML SSO and cannot be federated, especially when multiple people share the same login.

  • Engineering and Development

    As the lifeblood of many products, this team must share a company’s secret notes and utilize internal and external tools to accomplish product updates or releases against strict timelines.

  • Human resources

    The Human Resources team typically uses tools to oversee recruiting, payroll, employee benefits, performance, and attendance tracking. When employees join or depart the team, they need to be added or removed from the directory quickly.

  • Finance, accounting, and legal

    Finance, accounting, and legal teams typically use tools to manage budgeting, earnings, costs, corporate credit cards, electronic signatures, and strategic decision-making – some of your business’ most confidential data.

  • Support and customer services

    This team typically uses tools to manage helpdesk tickets, bug reporting and tracking, product testing, and troubleshooting. Often, this team needs access immediately and a password manager with the policies to allow for this.

  • For everyone else

    The list goes on: consultant, intern, office manager, operations leader. Whether your business includes individuals, departments, or small to large teams, you must be able to collaborate securely. Everyone needs a password manager.

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