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With LastPass Premium and Families, you can manage and access your saved logins straight from your vault, whether you’re on your home computer, cell phone while at a cafe, or the train while headed into the office.

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LastPass will save and autofill all your credentials for you: passwords, usernames, shipping info, credit cards, and more.

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Take your security to the next level

Zero-knowledge security

Your data is kept secret, even from us. Only you can unlock your encrypted vault with your master password.

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Be aware of digital threats

LastPass Premium’s data breach monitoring immediately notifies you if your data has been compromised online.

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Nurture your habits

LastPass Premium helps you find and update weak, reused passwords with ones created by our password generator.

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Multifactor authentication

Enable additional authentication, like a one-time passcode or fingerprint scan, to protect your account against hackers.

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LastPass vs. browser password managers

  • With LastPass, there’s no limitation to what devices and browsers you use. It seamlessly works across everything, no matter the operating system.
  • With LastPass, you use a master password to encrypt and access your password vault. Even if your device is hacked, your vault remains protected.
  • Go passwordless to access your vault without having to type in your master password.
Business Password management

Simply improve employee password habits

Say goodbye to employee password reuse. LastPass makes it easy to generate complex passwords for every account, whether work or personal, and even easier to log in while on the go.

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How can you protect your passwords?

Phishing, stolen credentials, and human error challenge your password security. Take action and improve your defense against them.

  • With the LastPass built-in password generator you don’t need to fuss with thinking of new passwords. LastPass will generate a unique password for each account you create.
  • Make sure your passwords are at least 12 characters long and contain letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Don’t use any personally identifiable information in your passwords.
  • Avoid password reuse with the security dashboard, which alerts you to take proactive action when you’ve reused a password or created a weak one.
  • When you create a password on your own, use random characters, but don't follow easy-to-recognize patterns – e.g. “qwert” or “12345.”
  • Never share your passwords via email or text message. Share your sensitive information with friends and family through LastPass’ secure password sharing.
  • Avoid using similar passwords that change only a single word or character.
  • Update passwords after every three months.
  • Use a password manager like LastPass to save your passwords, it keeps your information protected from attacks or snooping.

Frequently asked questions

How does the password generator work?

The LastPass password generator creates random passwords based on parameters set by you. Parameters include password length, whether the password should be easy to say or read, and whether the password should have uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

The password generated, based on the user's parameters, is then checked against the zxcvbn library – a standard in evaluating password security – to see how strong the password you generate is.

Can a strong password be hacked?

While a strong password can be technically hacked, it would take an imperceivable amount of time to do so. A recent report found that a 12-character password made only of numbers would take just 25 seconds to hack. Compare that to a 12-character password made up of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols, and the amount of time it would take to hack increases to 34,000 years. So a strong password won’t be hackable in your lifetime. Read more in the infographic.

Can I use the password generator to create a user name?

You should use the LastPass username generator tool to create a secure username. It ensures you get a random, unique username that exists only of uppercase and lowercase letters.

How do you manage your passwords with a password manager?

Managing passwords in theLastPass password manager is simple. Every time you save a password to your LastPass account, it is stored inside of your password vault – an encrypted space that only you can see and access. You can manage your passwords by simply accessing your password vault and searching for the credential you need. And with the LastPass browser extension and app, you can seamlessly save and autofill passwords while on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Is LastPass password generator safe?

Yes. The LastPass password generator creates random, secure passwords based on the parameters defined by you. Any password generated is tested against the industry-standard zxcvbn library to determine how strong the password you generate is.

Lastly, once you save the password you generated to your password vault, it is automatically encrypted and stored so only you can access it and see it.

Is the functionality different in the online generator and in the LastPass app?

No. The browser and in-app password generator function the same. The only difference is that the in-app generator will also autofill and save the created password for you. Whereas with the online generator, you must copy your password and paste it into the necessary form field.

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