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Effortless security for your digital life

Access everything you need online simply and securely, wherever you’re logging in from.

As we all spend more time online, a simple and secure way to access every aspect of our digital lives is essential:


How do I keep myself and family safe online?


How do I protect against breaches?


How do I eliminate password frustrations?

Organize your digital life with LastPass, so you can simply access everything you need and leave the security concerns to us.


Seamless access on one device type for free

Memorizing your passwords becomes a thing of the past with LastPass. Store an unlimited number of passwords in your encrypted, secure vault. Never type out a password again with save and autofill. Have peace of mind with automatic device sync. And access all your passwords on a single device type for free. Upgrade to Premium or Families for access on all your devices.


Simply secure your digital life

The last thing you need is to worry about is whether your digital life is secure. LastPass secures everything you need, from passwords to digital records and notes, so you can simply stay secure online and get back to the things you love the most.


Stay connected with family

These days when we are spending a lot of time communicating online with friends and family, we need a secure way to stay connected. LastPass Families can take control of your family’s digital life to store and share passwords so everyone has the access they need.


The security of the office, with the comforts of home

Working from home can present its challenges (and distractions). But that doesn’t mean work at the office doesn’t need to get done. Once you save a password in LastPass, you'll always have it when you need it, removing obstacles and allowing you to focus on getting things done.


Security made easy with LastPass

With so much in flux, we don’t have time for anything to slow us down. LastPass makes security simple through an easy-to-use dashboard that works and syncs across browsers and mobile devices to secure every aspect of your digital life.

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