Using the LastPass Password Vault to Save Passwords and Store Sensitive Information

You wouldn’t leave your wallet out for anyone to look through. So don’t leave your digital information and identity out for anyone to access.

Protect your digital identity by generating, saving, and storing credentials and other sensitive information in LastPass’ digital password manager. By storing credentials in your encrypted digital vault, you don’t have to save it to a program or app, which leaves you vulnerable to hackers. It also allows you to improve your password hygiene, like creating stronger passwords and safely granting shared access with those you trust, all without sacrificing convenience.


Features of LastPass’ Password Vault

Improved security

Stronger password habits

Secure password sharing

What is your digital Identity?

Your digital identity is the footprint you leave when you use connected devices, such as websites, apps, and even shared networks. Parts of your digital identity are used to advertise to you, track your behavior and interests, and are mostly harmless. But other information is more sensitive. And most of that is accessible through a saved password.

Hackers want …

Personal information that makes up your identity

  • Website and app passwords
  • Credit card information
  • Financial information
  • SocialSecurity numbers
  • Password and travel related ID
  • Driver’s license information
  • System login information
  • Tax information
  • Subscription services
  • …and more
Hackers get …

Personal information that is easily monetized on the Dark Web. Each one of these has a price tag on the dark web and can wreak havoc in your personal and professional life if accessed.

Did you know a hacker can get ...
  • $1 for every social security number
  • $110 for every credit or debit card
  • $1,000 for healthcare records
  • $2,000 for a passport number

Individually each of these has a value, but when combined, they can be extraordinarily valuable, and extraordinarily costly to you.

Are you protecting your digital identity?

Hackers are getting smarter and more prolific. Every day there are cyber attacks and attempted breaches to get access to sensitive information.

You know this happens, but many people do not take steps to prevent it.

More devices, applications, networks, and employees increase the complexity of managing – and protecting – user access in your business. While employees just want to work efficiently, IT needs to ensure the proper controls are in place to protect the company.

How can you protect your passwords?

Protecting your digital identity is easier than you think, and makes accessing sites and apps easier.

A password vault lets you save passwords

LastPass remembers all your passwords across every device!

You may be familiar with the idea of a password vault, especially if you use apps or search engines. Most give you the option of storing passwords and credit cards, like in a digital wallet, but do you know how secure those are? Or how many of them you use?

A Password Vault offers a single source to store your data, such as personal information, financial data, and passwords. And because it’s accessible from anywhere, you can use it to select better, strong, more unique passwords that you won’t have to remember! It allows you to store and share access and folders with trusted friends, family, associates, and lock out everyone else.

With the LastPass Password Vault you can save passwords and usernames, store data like credit cards and other secure notes, and enable secure password and file sharing. By using LastPass, LastPass as you no longer have to worry about multiple services having access to your saved password or credentials. You can store passwords and information in a single, secure place, launching your web surfing all from within your vault.

Improved security. Better passwords. Increased convenience. And peace of mind.



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