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LastPass Business and active directory sync leads to better password security

In many companies, user identities are centrally managed through on-premise Microsoft Active Directory (AD), cloud directories like Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Single Sign-On providers like Okta. No matter the source of truth in an organization, leveraging your existing directory is critical to ensuring user access is appropriate and safe.

LastPass provides deep integration with many popular directories for effective onboarding, efficient day-to-day management and real-time account revocation. IT can then automate access to and control over the user’s vault – and by effect, all of the apps and passwords managed through it.

Features of LastPass directory sync

Automated provisioning

Group sync for managing at scale

Real-time deprovisioning

Secure configuration and deployment

Available LastPass directory sync integrations include

LastPass AD connector – Active Directory Sync

Our lightweight client can be installed on any Windows machine and is used to connect to on-premises AD/LDAP for user provisioning, deprovisioning and syncing of groups for assigning policies, shared passwords and SAML apps. Custom filtering, whitelisting and detection of nested groups provide complete customization of the deployment.

Azure AD sync

Through a SCIM API, our Azure AD endpoint can be configured for automatic provisioning of existing or new user profiles to create LastPass accounts, automatic deprovisioning of disabled or deleted profiles to deactivate LastPass accounts and automatic syncing of user groups for assigning users to policies and shared folders.

Okta sync

We’ve partnered with Okta to offer a SCIM API that can be configured for automatic provisioning and deprovisioning of LastPass accounts for easy, secure administration.

OneLogin sync

Utilizing a SCIM API, our OneLogin endpoint can be configured for automatic provisioning, deprovisioning and group assignments of user accounts in LastPass.

Custom provisioning API

For larger enterprises with more complex onboarding needs, our powerful API can be used to create users, deprovision users, manage groups and auto-add users to shared folders.

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