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Passwordless is Possible

The #1 challenge modern businesses face is striking a balance between simplicity and security. Passwordless login is the solution. And it exists today.

Passwords aren’t worth the risk


of employees reuse the same password for most of their accounts


of IT teams report users storing company data on unsafe cloud services


of breaches caused by hacking feature stolen credentials

Envision a world without passwords

Eliminating passwords might seem impossible, but the right combination of technologies can remove password-related obstacles. Going passwordless is just the solution you need.


Set stronger security standards

Employees can set even stronger master passwords since they won’t need to use it as often, which protects both them and your business against hackers.


Less friction, easier adoption

Give employees what they want: a simple solution that doesn’t interfere with their work. And by driving adoption, you increase organizational security.


Simplified user experience

Going passwordless quickly and securely connects employees to their work tools while eliminating time-wasting obstacles.


Increase employee productivity

Users have an average of 63 passwords to access their day-to-day work. Save them from fussing with password problems so they can focus on value-added tasks.


Save on IT costs

IT teams spend 4 hours per week on password issues alone. By going passwordless, IT can focus on valuable tasks instead of resolving lockouts and password resets.


Making passwordless possible

Admins already have the right security tools, with 64% using password managers at their business and 67% employing multifactor authentication (MFA). But they need to take the next step.

Millions of businesses rely on LastPass’ password management solution. We’re expanding on our foundation, making the workplace even simpler and safer by going passwordless.

  • Strike the balance between simplicity and security by going passwordless.
  • Logging in to work is easier than ever with the LastPass Authenticator, allowing new and veteran employees to go passwordless upon their next login.
  • Employees will still need their master password to validate account security changes, but future updates to LastPass passwordless technology will do away with it altogether.

The journey to passwordless

Collect employee passwords in one secure place.

The first step to going passwordless is overcoming password challenges, such as employees relying on weak and reused passwords. LastPass Password Management (EPM) does just that. Employees only have to remember their master password while the password manager fills the rest for them. And IT has visibility into password hygiene for every login, for every user, reducing security risks everywhere.

Businesses can go even further, protecting every facet of their organization by replacing passwords with SAML 2.0 single sign-on (SSO) to access essential work apps – cloud, mobile, legacy, or on-premise. Pairing SSO with EPM ensures that employees are simply and securely connected to many services without messing with passwords.

Go passwordless with the LastPass Authenticator.

The LastPass Authenticator now allows businesses to go a step further, so employees can enjoy a truly passwordless experience. With passwordless login, your employees can decrypt their vault using the LastPass Authenticator rather than entering their master password.

All employees have to do is set up passwordless login to their vault using the LastPass Authenticator app. Best of all, you can grant employees immediate and consistent passwordless access to all credential-based logins they need, including SSO apps and workstations – for businesses who have the Advanced MFA add-on. But this is just the first step of LastPass’ passwordless journey.

Employ biometric factors to authenticate users.

Additional passwordless authentication options are coming soon and will further empower employees to access their vault using biometrics or security keys like YubiKey. With these implementations, users will be able to forget their master password altogether, instead logging in with physical security keys or personal information – fingerprint ID, face scan, voice recognition.

True end-to-end FIDO2 passwordless is coming.

The last step of the journey will involve LastPass providing users with a true passwordless login experience. LastPass will be the only password manager which will provide passwordless login to the encrypted vault with FIDO2 certified authenticators on mobile, web, and extensions and desktop.

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