How to Use LastPass for Business

Organization-Wide Password Management

LastPass Business is used across 70,000 businesses, offering something for everyone. Below are some pain points we hear from functional teams within an organization, and the ways they end up using LastPass Business to solve those challenges.

How to use LastPass for Business

Features of LastPass password manager

Why and how to use LastPass Password Manager in your organization

The average employee manages 191 passwords to do his or her job, however not every application is covered by SSO. LastPass Business offers a password manager to fill this gap for the remaining tools in use in the workplace to eliminate password fatigue for your employees and improve password security for the company.


If anyone knows the potential risks of data loss, it’s IT. IT is likely managing large volumes of passwords required to keep their infrastructure and security secure. From servers to admin credentials, IT requires a simple solution to secure and share credentials to ensure data remains protected.


The Sales team tools include customer-management services, databases and automation software to help manage client and vendor relationships.


The Marketing team typically uses websites and tools for PR, campaigns and data analysis. In a recent study, Gartner found that Marketing spends more on technology than IT. Often multiple individuals share a single license for these tools, which is perfectly suited for LastPass Business Shared Folders.

Social Media

The Social Media team often manages dozens (sometimes hundreds) of social media accounts, as well as content production, distribution and data analysis tools. Many of these services do not support SAML SSO and therefore cannot be federated. With LastPass Business Shared Folders, these credentials can be easily shared as “hidden” and “read-only,” so every touch is tracked and accounted for.


The Human Resources team typically uses tools to oversee recruiting, payroll, employee benefits, performance and attendance tracking, employee onboarding and offboarding.


The Finance or Accounting team typically uses tools to manage budgeting, earnings, costs and strategic decision-making.

Support/Customer Service

The Customer Support team typically uses tools to manage help desk tickets, bug reporting and tracking, product testing and troubleshooting. The LastPass Business policies enable Admins to tighten access for customer service reps so that they can only log in to their LastPass accounts from within the network.

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