AdNovum needed a password management and seamless authentication solution

AdNovum replaced their in-house password storage tool to maintain security while reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and ensuring EU data storage regulation compliance.

LastPass Outcomes

Seamless authentication

Easily share folders

Employee flexibility

"As a software company, we never compromise on security. LastPass was the most enterprise-ready solution regarding features, flexibility and integration.” Attila Ferencz Head of IT Operations, AdNovum

Customer Overview

The Swiss software company AdNovum provides comprehensive support to help businesses digitalise their processes. Headquartered in Zurich, it employs 600 people across offices in Bern, Lausanne, Budapest, Lisbon, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore.


After discontinuing development of its own password tool for reasons of cost efficiency, AdNovum was looking for an agile SaaS password-management solution.

Attila Ferencz, Head of IT Operations at AdNovum, says: “For AdNovum, security is key. We therefore looked for an off-the-shelf solution that would offer the same level of security as our previous solution.”

An integration team at AdNovum conducted comprehensive testing and evaluation of four different password-management tools, including LastPass, over a six-week period.


Attila says: “LastPass was our favourite from the beginning, simply because of its useability and security features. We ultimately chose it for those reasons, and for its user-friendly interface, integration with a wide range of apps, and EU data storage, which was essential for us. It also integrates fully with Microsoft Windows and the Mac OS environment, making it easily accessible for all our users.”

Once LastPass was selected, LogMeIn worked closely with AdNovum to coordinate a smooth implementation. This began with a 30-day trial, which LogMeIn extended to ensure the whole company was ready for the roll-out. The simplicity of LastPass meant minimal training was required before all 600 employees could begin using it every day.

Attila adds: “The LastPass implementation was a pleasure for all of us. It gave our users a shiny new tool to replace a solution that was far less agile and user-friendly.”


The LastPass plug-in is now installed on all browsers across AdNovum. Users simply click to login and allow LastPass to auto-fill passwords securely. Every commonly used application can be accessed directly from LastPass, giving employees instant, seamlessly authenticated access to all their tools and apps.

LastPass also enables project teams to access shared folders simply and securely, and allows team members to be added or removed easily as they change projects.

Attila says: “Everyone in the business is now using LastPass. People can use it for business as well as for personal accounts, which is a nice extra benefit.”

With more staff working from home since the pandemic, LastPass provides the flexibility to enable people to work from anywhere, without compromising the company’s cyber security.

Attila adds: “The top benefits of LastPass for our business are its advanced encryption, EU data storage and useability. For individual users, the biggest benefits are the auto-fill function and easy access to shared folders, which make life so much easier. We are delighted to have this product in the company and we’re looking forward to maximising its benefits in the years ahead.”

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